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At My HealthPal, we are dedicated to being more than just a health insurance broker. We are your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of insurance, offering expert guidance and personalized solutions to ensure you receive the coverage that best fits your needs. With a commitment to transparency, integrity, and exceptional customer service, we strive to build lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and reliability. We won't drop you after renewal - if you need help with your policy during the year, need to make changes or want help starting a claim, we are there for you. 

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We Support Every Type of Customer. We have Many Years Experience Initiating Cover for Individuals, Families, Couples, SME & Group Health Insurance. We Also Have a Specialist Team That Handle Cases With Pre-Existing Medical History, With Direct Communication Into the Underwriting Teams at Most of the Insurers on the Market. 

Individual Health Insurance

Ultimate medical piece of mind for when you need it most. Fast track your diagnosis, with access to the very best consultants on the market. Cutting edge treatment in state of the art facilities. Medical treatment, on your terms, when it suits you. Welcome to private medical insurance.

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Private Medical Insurance

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Family Health Insurance

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Over 50s Health Insurance

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International Health Insurance

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Business Health Insurance

Attract top talent, protect your best assets and get them back on their feet. Different cover benefits and underwriting available for each employee. SME and Group health cover can also be pretty tax efficient benefit. Preferencial underwriting methods also available for business health insurance.

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Small Business Health Insurance

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Group Business Health Insurance

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Business owner Health Insurance

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Group leaver Health Insurance

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Being new to private health insurance I didn’t know what to expect, James understood this and was clear, concise and more importantly patient with me. We spoke about different options, hospitals and levels of cover. I genuinely felt like he had my interests at heart.
Mr Marshall
Having spoken with James I was surprised to find that the benefits on my plan were not suited to my needs. We had a thorough conversation about what was important to my family. Ultimately, I saved around £200 per month and now have a plan tailored to my family. Thank you.
Mr Carter
James recently organised our private health insurance. He was very knowledgeable and professional and kept us up to date every step of the way. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services.
Ms Hawtin
Having know Matt for a number of years, dealings with him have personally always been an easy one and a pleasure. Providers need brokers as much as brokers need providers. The only thing that truly makes this work is the ability for both sides to see and appreciate the value in having and maintaining an open and honest relationship. ThisRead More
Yogesh Patel
Working with Matt Hall was a game-changer as his expertise and personalised approach made all the difference. Matt took the time to understand my needs and budget, then presented me with tailored options that gave me peace of mind. Matt’s commitment to transparency and advocacy ensured I got the coverage I needed at the best possible price. I highly recommendRead More
Chris SlackMD
I cannot praise Matt Hall enough for his fantastic advice and service. From the moment I reached out, Matt provided invaluable guidance, helping me navigate the complexities of health insurance with ease. His expertise ensured I found the perfect plan tailored to my company, saving both time and money. I highly recommend Matt to anyone seeking reliable and knowledgeable assistanceRead More
Shaun SmithOperations Director, Sheffield Steelers

“Catch a glimpse of what our clients have to say, then dive deeper for the full stories. Continue to read more… about our exceptional service!”

What Is Health Insurance?

You never know when an unexpected illness or injury might strike. That’s where private health insurance comes in - it’s your safety net to get medical care quickly without worrying about huge bills.

In the UK, we all have access to free healthcare through the NHS. But private medical cover gives you even more options! It allows you to:

Get treated at private hospitals and see private medical specialists.

Often get seen way faster than NHS wait times.

Access medications and private healthcare treatments not available on the NHS. Cancer drug access is typical much broader privately. 

Private health insurance is typically offered in various levels of cover, ranging from basic benefits through to comprehensive cover.  Typically, even the most basic of PMI will provide IN and DAY Patient cover. Insurance generally gets more comprehensive when you start adding in budget pots towards outpatient diagnostics & consultations. You can also select add-ons such as Dental, Optical, Therapies, Mental Health - the list is ever expanding. Comprehensive cover normally provides unlimited outpatient benefit, plus often some of the occupational benefits listed above. 

What Does Private Health Insurance Cover?

With most private medical insurance plans, you’ll enjoy:

Health insurance treatment process

Inpatient diagnostic tests and surgical treatment.

Outpatient follow-up care.

Specialised physiotherapy services.

Critical illness coverage for serious health conditions like cancer.

Virtual or in-person diagnostic tests with GPs.

Radio/Chemotherapy treatments from cancer specialists.

What Private Health Insurance Does Not Cover?

While our policies aim to provide comprehensive private medical coverage, some exclusions and limitations typically apply under policies. However, exact exclusions can vary depending on the plan you choose, so be sure to review carefully.

Common exclusions found in many UK private health insurance policies may include:

Any pre-existing or chronic conditions you had before purchasing a plan.

Certain elective cosmetic treatments like LASIK, tummy tucks, etc. (medically necessary may be covered).

Specific policy limitations and UK underwriting clauses outlined in plan details

Don’t worry - our advisors will walk you through all the terms and limitations. Together, we’ll customise the perfect private medical insurance for YOUR needs!

What Types of Health Insurance Plans are Available?

Choosing the right private medical insurance is key to getting the coverage you need at a price you can afford. We offer a variety of plans designed to fit different lifestyles and budgets:


Family Health Insurance Policy

Combine you, your partner, and any kids under one convenient and cost-effective policy. Covers everyone’s medical essentials!


Individual Plans

Customised coverage just for you. Perfect for single adults who want health insurance flexibility.


Corporate Plans

We partner with businesses big and small to provide quality private medical benefits for employees.


Expat Plans

If you’re a UK citizen living abroad, we’ve got international health insurance solutions to keep you covered.

No matter your situation, our advisors will help you select the perfect plan type and coverage level to protect you and your loved ones.

The Benefits of Private Medical Insurance

Private medical insurance can offer:

Faster Treatment

Our top benefit! Bypass NHS waiting lists to get seen and treated quickly by private specialists.

Premium Facilities

Access elite private hospitals and consultants for exceptional medical care.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our plans cover a wide range of treatments, drugs, and services often excluded by the NHS.

Our insurance experts will ensure you weigh both the pros and cons carefully. Together, we’ll find the policy that delivers maximum benefits for your healthcare needs and budget.

How Private Health Insurance Works

Taking out private medical cover is straightforward, but understanding the process is key:


Get a Quote

We’ll ask some basic questions about your age, medical history and desired coverage to generate a personalised quote.


Review Policy Details

Our team will walk you through all policy terms, coverage exclusions, premium costs and more.


Sign Up for Coverage

Once you’ve selected the right plan, enrol online or over the phone. Coverage starts on your policy date!


Seek Private Treatment

When you need medical care, simply provide your policy details and authorisation from your insurer at any private provider they approve.

The cost of Private Medical Insurance in the UK
can vary widely depending on several key factors:

The cost of private medical insurance in the UK can vary widely depending on several key factors:

Coverage Level

Plans with just basic inpatient and daypatient cover tend to be the most affordable options. You could choose to fund some of the smaller bits yourself, and protect your NCD (no claims discount)

Premium Providers

Choosing access to exclusive, top-tier hospital networks and consultants comes at a higher price point.

Number of People

Family policies that include a partner and kids will cost more than an individual plan for just yourself. If your already on cover with someone who has claimed regularly, moving yourself onto a separate plan may save you money. 

Extra Benefits:

Adding things like complementary therapies, mental health cover, dental treatment, optical allowances and other optional extras will raise your premium.

Your Age

Unfortunately, health insurance premiums tend to go up as you get older due to the increased health risks that come with age.

Choice of Hospital Lists

Depending on which range of hospitals you want to access, some insurers will offer price reductions or increases. Ask us for a personalised illustration of your options. You could save a fortune and still access the hospitals you want. 

Request a personalised health insurance quote from our team. We’ll make sure your insurance policy fits your desired coverage level and life situation. If your on cover already, you could be over / under insurered without realising it.  You may also be able to get a much more competitive quote with a new insurer (don't worry, we have plenty of experience with complex medical history & claims) so let's see if you can switch health providers.

Key Considerations When Choosing or Switching Providers

With so many private health insurers available in the UK, it’s critical to do your research. Here are some important factors to consider:


Hospital & Consultant Choice

What private facilities and doctor networks are included in the policy? More choices equals better access to treatment.

2.Policy Cost Value

Is the premium worth it for the level of cover provided? Avoid overpaying for services you don’t need.


Customer Satisfaction

Check independent review sites and ratings to gauge an insurer’s customer service reputation.


Healthcare Needs

Consider any specific treatment requirements your household may have both now and in the future.


Switching Ease

If already insured, understand how to smoothly transition your cover between providers when needed.

Let our expert insurance advisors guide you! We’ll provide impartial advice and make sure you choose the best-value private healthcare cover for your unique situation. You also don't need to move insurer to be a client of ours. You can just appoint us to your policy and we will still fight your corner for you! Click th 'APPOINT US' button in the top righ corner for desktop, or bottom left for mobile. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers to Common Queries About Health Insurance Coverage

  • Which is the best private insurer in the UK?

    There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, as the “best” insurer depends on your personal requirements and budget. We provide impartial advice to match you with top-rated providers. You can take a look at how the insurers stack up against each other here though.

  • What if I have a pre-existing condition?

    This comes down to two things generally. 

    1. Are you on cover already
    2. If so, how well managed is the condition / when was the last time it needed treatment.

    Now treatment could be deemed ongoing medication, or still being under the care of a consultant. Some Insurers are a little more flexible if those consultations are for piece of mind, rather than medical need. 

    You MUST get proper advice from a qualified consultant here, so that you get the best underwriting terms available. We can often maintain cover for pre-existing conditions. There are even scenarios, where very old exclusions on existing plans can actually be reviewed/removed through fresh Full Medical Underwriting, or a new moratorium (if we deem you suitable for this).


  • What if my employer provides insurance?

    Company health plans are a great employee benefit. We’ll review your workplace policy and make suggestions for any additional private top-up coverage you may need. If you ever need t leave the company plan (if the company ceases the benefit or you move jobs), we can give you the right advice about how to continue privately. You can take out a ‘group leaver’ product, which tends to be expensive, or a brand new moratorium, if you are suitable for this type of underwriting. 


  • What's the difference between Inpatient, Daypatient and Outpatient?

    This comes down to how long you typically spend in hospital, and what you are there for.

    Outpatient> Is where you visit for a very short period of time, this could be for a consultation, a diagnostic test (like bloods, MRI, CT, PET scans) or follow up appointments.

    Daypatient > Means you are using a bed just for the day – very minor surgery with little anestetic typically. A good example of this would be cataract removal.

    Inpatient > You are in hospital for at least one night, usually following more invasive treatment. 

    As a standard rule, even the most basic proper PMI cover will provide full In & Day patient facilities, unless you’ve opted for a shared responsibility scheme (probably not advised in most scenarios)


  • Do I need to worry about hospital lists?

    This all comes down to your postcode lottery & level of access on your doorstep.

    In some areas of the UK, a reduced hospital list may see you travelling an unreasonable distance for a proper private hospital, or having to use a private wing in an NHS facility. Whilst in others, you may still be able to access the closest units of choice. 

    In Greater London, the hospital density is very high, however some of them are very expensive for Insurers to cover. That’s where premium hospital lists tend to be the most costly. Best thing is to speak to one of our team to give you a personal walkthrough of your options, or your welcome to check out the latest hospital lists in our handy resources area

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