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International Business Health Insurance

What is International
Business Health Insurance?

Your team in The UK may enjoy private healthcare and NHS benefits, but what about employees overseas? Success on the global stage demands keeping your entire workforce safe and healthy, no matter where duty calls.

That's where international business health insurance comes in. It's the worldwide safety net ensuring your team always has access to top-tier medical care, even in the farthest corners of the planet.

This specialised insurance protects your globetrotting employees with comprehensive:

Global Inpatient Hospital Coverage

Global Outpatient Care & Testing

Emergency Treatment

Medical Evacuation Transportation

No more compromising care quality with clunky domestic medical insurance plans that shatter the moment your team crosses borders. International business insurance flexes to your company's size and travel demands, providing tailored worldwide protection that grows with you.

For any operation deployed internationally, this level of global health preparedness is non-negotiable. Your employees' well-being and your business's future success depend on it.

Benefits of the International Health Insurance

When it comes to protecting your international workforce, these are the essential medical services every business needs covered worldwide:


Inpatient Hospital Care

From scheduled procedures to unexpected medical emergencies requiring an overnight hospital stay, your employees gain seamless access to inpatient treatment and facilities globally.


Outpatient Care & Diagnostics

Specialist consultations, advanced testing, minor procedures - if it doesn't require hospitalisations, outpatient treatment ensures your team's non-emergency health needs are met anywhere.

With these core medical benefits extending across every corner of the globe, your employees truly have a comprehensive medical safety net supporting them wherever their jobs take them. It's the baseline standard of international care all companies with mobile teams require.

Which Businesses Can Benefit From International Health Insurance?

Comprehensive international healthcare isn't just for multinational giants. These tailored plans protect employees for:


Small Businesses With Global Clients

Even just a handful of international contacts create coverage needs.


Road Warrior Business

Travelers Frequent flyers jetting worldwide for meetings and events are secured.


Permanent Overseas Remote Teams

Staff expatriated long-term internationally get global home protection.

Whether a small startup or enterprise operation, mobile healthcare coverage is a strategic imperative.

Optional Extras You Can Add to Your International Health Plan

While the core medical coverage handles the essentials, you can build out a truly comprehensive global health safety net with additional benefits like:

Dental Care & Vision Care

Keep your team's mouths, eyes and overall wellness optimised no matter where they are.

Mental Health Counseling & Support

Virtual therapists, coaches and counsellors accessible 24/7 help manage stress, anxiety, and overall mental/emotional well-being.

Wellness Programs

From nutrition coaching to fitness apps to lifestyle management, add tailored holistic health initiatives to your global medical insurance coverage.

Medical Evacuation Services

If emergency situations require transport to superior care facilities, you're covered for air ambulances to get employees safely relocated.

24/7 Virtual Doctor Access

No more scrambling to find approved local physicians. Employees can receive diagnoses, advice and prescriptions via video calls anywhere.

With an a la carte menu of extra services to enhance your international health insurance, you control the comprehensiveness. Build the worldwide safety net that leaves no area of your mobile team's mind and body uncovered.

Factors Influencing the Premiums of International Health Insurance

Several variables play a role in determining the cost of insurance premiums for worldwide coverage:

The number of employees covered under the plan.

The ages of those employees, with older staff typically incurring higher premiums.

The regions where employees will be based, as some locations may present higher health risks or costs.

The level of coverage chosen, which can range from basic emergency care to comprehensive plans, including routine care.

Deductible choices and optional benefits, which can adjust the premium but also affect out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Your Team's Health
Anywhere, Anytime

Your employees could be selling in New York skyscrapers or sourcing in Marrakech markets. With international health insurance, comprehensive medical care travels with them worldwide:


Localised Risk Protection

From disease hotspots to conflicts, international health insurance prepares you for the unique health challenges in every region.


Vetted Global Healthcare Access

No scrambling for adequate international doctors and hospitals, you'll have access to pre-qualified top care providers.


Consistent Quality Standards

Whether a routine checkup or emergency evacuation, your team receives seamless, superior care wherever they go.

Managing Costs and Budgeting for Business International Health Insurance

Protecting your team's health globally doesn't have to break the bank. Your cost strategy might implement smart approaches like:

Unlocking Group Policy Savings

By pooling your mobile workforce, you could secure significant group rate discounts compared to individual plans.

Strategic Deductible Utilisation

We'll guide you in setting deductible levels that lower premiums while still providing a robust healthcare safety net.

Tax-Smart Payment Structuring

Depending on your structure, employer-provided international health benefits may reduce certain tax burdens.

Tailoring Coverage Tiers

Instead of overbuying, employees can choose insurance tiers that fit their specific travel needs and risks.

Invest in protecting your greatest assets - your people - with absolute cost-confidence.

Expand Your Coverage Globally with International Business Health Insurance

Protect your global team with comprehensive international health insurance. Ensure your employees have access to the best medical care, wherever they are in the world. Start today to keep your workforce healthy and secure.

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How to Choose the Right International Health Insurance Plan

Finding that perfect-fit policy for your business and mobile workforce isn't just picking something off the rack. It requires carefully evaluating:

Company Size & Scope of International Operations

Are you a small startup testing global waters or an established multinational? Get coverage tailored for your reach.

Geographic Footprint & High-Risk Destinations

Different countries present differentpotential health hazards. Evaluate each region your team travels to.

Employee Demographics & Health Profiles

From ages and pre-existing conditions to lifestyles and family needs, your policy should accommodate your team's realities.

Healthcare Access & Caliber Requirements

What level of hospitals, specialists and treatment options do your employees expect? Don't settle for subpar global networks.

Our team of insurance advisors will collaborate with you to understand every nuance of your company's international health protection needs. From there, we'll hand-select coverage options that genuinely complement your organisation's size, travel, and duty of care priorities.

Because at the end of the day, it's about building healthcare confidence for your employees and leaders operating across the globe. We'll ensure your international health insurance plan is a perfect global ambassador for your brand's excellence.

Comparing Quotes and Level of Cover from Different Insurers

When you've got a shortlist of potential insurers, it's time to compare. Look beyond the premium costs and consider:

The quality of customer service provided.

How efficiently claims are handled.

The ease of accessing healthcare services for your employees.

Use comparison tools, and don't hesitate to seek expert advice. This will help you make an informed choice that's best for your business and your employees.

By keeping these points in mind, you can confidently choose an international health insurance plan that's a perfect fit for your business's global wardrobe.

NHS vs Private International Plans

While the NHS is a healthcare cornerstone at home, it has severe limitations the moment your employees travel to a foreign country:

Long Waiting Times for Care

International insurance grants your team prompt access to private healthcare without delays.

Lack of Specialised Treatment

Many specialised procedures are unavailable overseas, but they are covered by these global health plans.

Poor On-Site Employee Safety

These health insurance policies prioritise keeping your staff healthy and secure even in higher-risk travel destinations.

Implementing the International Health Plan in Your Business

Our team ensures a seamless onboarding experience, including:

Streamlined Employee Enrolment.

Access to Online Policy Management Tools.

Educational Helpful Resources & Support.

Throughout the implementation and ongoing management, you have a dedicated partner, making every aspect of the global health insurance administration turnkey.

Understanding Policy Exclusions and Limitations

Every policy has its fine print, and international health insurance is no exception. Be aware of common policy exclusions and limitations, such as:

Coverage restrictions on pre-existing medical conditions.

Limits on elective procedures.

Exclusions on specific medical services.

Limits on cover in areas of conflict.

Reviewing the policy terms carefully will help you spot any coverage gaps. This is vital to ensure your employees won't face unexpected hurdles when accessing healthcare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers to Common Queries About Health Insurance Coverage
  • Can employees choose their own healthcare providers under international business health insurance plans?

    Yes, most plans offer the flexibility to choose from an extensive network of global healthcare providers.

  • Are there international business health insurance options for UK companies with only occasional travellers?

    Yes, there are tailored plans for businesses with employees who travel internationally on an ad hoc basis.

  • How does international business health insurance handle emergency medical repatriation?

    Emergency medical repatriation is typically covered, ensuring employees can be transported home for care if necessary.

  • Can international health insurance be extended to cover employees' families abroad?

    Many plans offer the option to include coverage for employees’ families for an additional premium.

  • What is the typical duration of coverage for short-term international assignments?

    Short-term coverage can range from a few days to up to a year, depending on the travel insurance policy and the insurer.

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