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Background and Origins

Founded in 1901: WPA began as the Reading Working Peoples' Voluntary Hospital Contributory Fund. This initiative allowed workers to contribute a portion of their wages to a fund, which they could use when they needed medical care. This was a pioneering approach almost 50 years before the National Health Service (NHS) started.

Development Over the Years

After merging with other local funds in Bristol, the Western Provident Association (WPA) was formed. This period marked the beginnings of organised health insurance, just as the NHS was being created.
As the NHS became a staple in British society, there was a significant rise in demand for Private Medical Insurance. This decade also saw an increase in private hospitals, giving people more choices for healthcare.

WPA introduced innovative concepts like Shared Responsibility®, mycancerdrugs, Corporate Deductible, and NHS Top-Up, which are still significant parts of their services.


Embracing technology, WPA developed DELOS, a leading autonomous operating system, and launched Precision, a new brand aimed at transforming health insurance with advanced technology.


WPA stands out as a not-for-profit specialist in health insurance, committed to making healthcare affordable and accessible through its various plans for individuals, families, and businesses.

WPA Health Insurance Products and Services

Private Health Insurance Options

Complete Health:

A customisable plan tailored for individuals and families. It includes core benefits for hospital and out-patient treatments and offers a wide range of optional extras for comprehensive physical and mental health coverage.

Core Benefits:

Every policy provides access to hospital treatments and supports out-patient benefits, which can be enhanced to meet specific needs.

Optional Extras:

Policyholders can select additional coverages, such as extensive cancer care, out-patient consultations, therapies, mental health treatment, and even cover for overseas emergency treatments.

Specific Coverage Details

Hospital Admissions:

Covers both in-patient (overnight stays) and day-patient (same-day return) treatments.


Includes tests like MRI, CT, and PET scans needed to diagnose conditions.

Comprehensive Cancer Care:

Provides extensive treatment options for cancer, including diagnostics and ongoing care.

Out-patient Treatment:

Covers consultations and therapies that do not require hospital admission.

Mental Health Support:

Offers benefits to help manage and treat mental health conditions.

Specialised Plans

Dental Plans:

Focus on covering routine dental care, emergency dental treatments, and restorative treatments following oral cancer.

Corporate Health Insurance

Enterprise Flexible Benefits:

For small businesses, providing core hospital and cancer care benefits with options to add extended services like overseas treatment and therapy.

Precision Corporate Healthcare:

Designed for larger businesses, this combines health, cash, and dental benefits into one flexible package.

NHS Top-up Corporate:

Offers additional benefits for routine healthcare costs, helping businesses support their employees' everyday health needs affordably.

Technology and Management Tools

WPA Health App & My WPA Portal:

Enables policyholders to manage their health insurance plans on the go, offering convenience and easy access to healthcare services and plan management.

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Achievements and Community Involvement of WPA

Industry Recognition

Health & Protection Awards:

WPA was named Best Group Health Insurance Provider in 2023, highlighting their excellence in offering corporate health solutions.

Cover Customer Care Awards:

Awarded for Outstanding Use of Technology in 2023, reflecting their innovation in utilising technology to enhance customer service.

Health & Protection Awards:

Best Customer Service Delivery and Best Individual Healthcare Provider in 2021 and 2022, demonstrating their commitment to service quality.


Recognized as a Recommended Provider of Private Medical Insurance in 2023, underscoring their reliability and customer satisfaction.

Moneyfacts Consumer Award:

Consistently won Health Insurance Provider of the Year from 2020 to 2023, showing sustained excellence in the field.

Cover Excellence Awards:

Acknowledged for the Outstanding Cash Plan in 2021 and 2022.

Community Contributions

The WPA Foundation:

Supports health-promoting projects across the UK, including the purchase of healthy physical activity equipment for schools, promoting overall wellness in the community.

WPA Charitable Foundation:

Provides financial assistance for transport costs to families in the South West with seriously ill children needing to travel to hospital, offering crucial support in challenging times.

These recognitions and initiatives showcase WPA's commitment not only to providing top-tier health insurance products but also to making a positive impact on the community and setting high standards in customer care and technological innovation.