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What is an Amii form?

An Amii form can work in two different ways as laid out below:

A policy review only.

This means that you are giving permission for an intermediary to have access to the policy information that the insurer holds for you. Things like policy benefits, member lists and of course premiums. It will not allow the intermediary to make any changes, negotiate new rates or have access to any medical information on the policy
members. You tend to select this option when you are looking for a second opinion.

Full transfer to new intermediary.

This would mean that you are appointing the intermediary to represent and work on behalf or you as the individual or as a business. The intermediary would have full access to the policy, can amend, make changes and the general administrative actions all performed by them. These actions can only be done once they have been confirmed with you the policy holder or group secretary. Giving authority to the intermediary would allow them to negotiate premiums and discuss the renewal terms in more detail with the insurer, ultimately a representation in full.

Customer details.

This is where you the client would input their personal or business details on the form, in order for the insurer to process the right policy and assign the relevant selections to the scheme.

Intermediary details.

This is where the intermediary would input their business details, so that the insurer can assign the relevant selections to their portfolio.