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Morgan Price

Morgan Price International is perhaps one of the best-known providers of international medical insurance. It has a global reach and provides health insurance to customers in Asia, the USA, the European Union, and the UK.

Compared to other insurers, its health plans are relatively simple, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. By removing complexity from its offerings, Morgan Price International provides straightforward and effective products to its members.

In this review, we'll get you fully up to speed on this insurer's health plans.

Background and History

Morgan Price International Healthcare Ltd doesn't publicise the details of its history. Still, the little information it does make available is fairly interesting.

Established in 1999:

In 1999, Morgan Price International Healthcare Ltd was established as a provider of international private medical insurance for expatriates.

At the start, there was only a single employee, but the company quickly grew and is now a renowned global insurance provider.

It provides international health insurance to customers all over the world including, Asia, the European Union, and the UK.

Health Insurance Plans

Evolution Health UK

In the UK, Morgan Price International offers one health insurance plan, Evolution Health UK. However, the plan has five different tiers of coverage:

Standard Plus

All five tiers include almost all the same benefits but have different annual spending limits for these benefits.

For example, the Standard Plan's annual limit for cancer treatment is £500,000 but the Elite Plan's limit is £2,000,000.

These are the benefits included with every tier of the Evolution Health UK Plan:

Evacuation and repatriation

Day-patient and in-patient treatment

Cancer treatment

Cash benefits

Out-patient diagnostics and consultations

Chronic condition treatment

Home country cover (excluding USA)

Routine health checks

Emergency treatment outside the area of cover

Additional Health Benefits

To gain access to the additional health benefits offered by Morgan Price, you need to take out one of the higher tiers of coverage for the Evolution Health Plan.

If you pay extra for the Premium or Elite Evolution Health Plans, you get additional benefits such as:

Maternity benefits:

This includes coverage for expenses related to normal childbirth and pregnancy.

Outpatient benefits:

Further coverage for outpatient diagnostics, consultations, therapies, and other treatments.

Vision benefits:

Coverage for prescribed lenses and eye exams.

Wellness benefits:

Coverage for vaccinations, health screenings, and preventative screenings.

Dental benefits:

Medical insurance coverage for routine dental work and major restorative dental work.

Infertility treatment:

With its highest tier, Morgan Price International provides coverage for infertility treatment.

Prescription And Hospital Stay Benefits

As an international healthcare company, Morgan Price International prides itself on offering simple yet comprehensive coverage to customers around the world.

When it comes to prescription and hospital stay benefits, its attention to detail is apparent. These are the benefits it offers:

Hospital stays:

Morgan Price International provides full coverage for hospital treatment fees, accommodation costs, anaesthesia, surgeon's fees, operating charges and any other relevant in-patient fees.


All tiers of the Evolution Health Plan cover the costs of outpatient prescription medication. However, as mentioned, the annual spending limits vary widely between the different tiers. Plus, there are certain restrictions on medication such as the medication being obtained from a licensed pharmacy and prescribed by a physician.

Innovative Technology

Morgan Price now offers international health insurance through the My Morgan Price app.

One of the primary reasons for the creation of the app was to move the company towards becoming paperless and reduce the number of plastic cards it sends out to members, reducing its carbon footprint.

The app isn't just good for the environment, though. It also has a positive impact on the experience of its customers.

Through the app, members can retrieve policy documentation, display coverage details, and quickly contact Morgan Price if they need to make an international claim.

This streamlines the process of managing the benefits included with the Evolution Health Plan, such as cash benefits, in-patient treatment, and cancer treatment.

Awards And Recognitions

Morgan Price International hasn't won a great number of awards like some of the other insurers out there. Yet, it has won one of the most prestigious awards an international healthcare company can win.

At the 2018 Health Insurance Awards, it was recognised as the Best Individual International PMI Provider.

This means Morgan Price International was considered to be the top provider of international PMI for travellers and individual expatriates for that year.

Innovation In Healthcare

While Morgan Price International might not be responsible for innovations within the field of healthcare, it has certainly been an innovator in the international health insurance provider sphere.

In fact, it was one of the founding members of the Association of International Medical Insurance Providers (AIMIP). This is a trade association that focuses on the international/expatriate health insurance sector.

As one of the founding members, it was clearly ahead of the game and has continued to be forward-thinking in its approach.

Customer Reviews

On Trustpilot, the customer reviews are almost evenly split between very negative and very positive. 35% of the customer reviews give Morgan Price International a 5-star rating while 36% of them give the company a 1-star rating. As a result, its overall Trustpilot rating is 3.6 out of 5 stars.

The common complaints included in the negative reviews are the length of time it takes to receive a claim payout, the lack of transparency about renewals, and the company's reluctance to pay out on claims.

However, several of the positive reviews mention the speed and efficiency with which these customers have received payouts.

Based on these reviews, it seems like customers are just as likely to have a negative experience as a positive one when dealing with Morgan Price International.