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Vitality Review

Vitality is a leading health insurance company in the UK. It's widely regarded for the exceptional benefits it offers customers and its innovative Vitality Program that promotes healthy lifestyles.

In our comprehensive review, we take a deep dive into Vitality's history, its health insurance plans, and everything else you need to know.

Background and History

Established in 2004:

In 2004, Discovery Holdings combined its Vitality incentive program with Prudential's distribution to launch PruHealth in the UK. This was the start of what would go on to become Vitality Health Insurance.

Evolution and Milestones:


Discovery and Prudential launched PruProtect Life Insurance to handle life insurance claims in the UK.


PruHealth was merged with Standard Life Healthcare after the latter was acquired by Discovery.


Prudential's remaining stake in PruProtect and PruHealth was bought out by Discovery. PruProtect was rebranded as VitalityLife and PruHealth was rebranded as VitalityHealth. Vitality was given its distinctive pink branding that has become highly recognisable over the years.


Today, Vitality employs more than 2,500 people in the UK and has over 1 million UK customers. It's a trusted insurance provider whose health and life insurance policies are well-regarded by customers and within the industry.

Health Insurance Plans

Vitality offers a Core Health Insurance policy that comes with certain benefits as standard. However, Vitality's health insurance policies can be customised to better suit the needs of individuals.

Vitality Core Health Insurance Plan

Standard Benefits

Mental health support, including treatment and therapy sessions.

Private day-patient and inpatient treatment at specified hospitals.

Optical and dental benefits for specific treatments.

Cancer treatment is covered in full, including coverage for advanced cancer drugs.

24/7 second opinion services.

24/7 GP services.

Customisable benefits

You can add extra hospitals to the list of approved hospitals such as Local, Consultant Select, and Countrywide hospitals.

You can add cover for major dental treatments.

You can reduce your premiums by increasing your excess amount up to £1,000.

You can increase the outpatient cover limits.

Note: Vitality's Core Health Cover doesn't include critical illness insurance. This can be bought as a standalone Vitality policy.

Additional Health Benefits

When you take out a Vitality health insurance or Vitality life insurance policy, you also gain access to:


The Vitality Program: Members of this programme earn Vitality Rewards for making healthy life choices such as eating well, exercising, and receiving annual health checks. The rewards include fitness devices, discounts on gym memberships, lower premiums, and partner brand offers.


Enhanced cancer cover: If you buy both a Vitality health and life insurance policy, you can receive up to £9,000 to cover your living costs while you undergo cancer treatment.

Prescription And Hospital Stay Benefits

Vitality Core Health Cover entitles you to the following prescription and hospital stay benefits:


Prescriptions: All prescribed drugs for eligible day-patient and inpatient treatments are fully covered.


Hospital Stays: Day-patient and inpatient treatment at approved hospitals is fully covered. If medically necessary, private ambulance transfers are also covered. Plus, you can receive a £250 NHS Hospital Cash Benefit per night if you're admitted to an NHS hospital for treatment.

Support For Sustainability And Community

Sustainability And Environmental Initiatives

Vitality has signed the UN Principles for Sustainable Insurance.

It has also committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Vitality has a goal to make 90% of its packaging reusable or recyclable by 2026 and to be carbon neutral by 2027.

Vitality's EnVIRO fund range is ESG-focused and is designed for sustainable investing.

Community Initiatives

Vitality invests in community sports programs like Women in Sport, This Mum Runs, and parkrun UK.

Vitality gives grants to its employees via its Community Active Fund which are used to encourage local communities to be more active.

Vitality supports homeless children through donations to the Lighthouse Foundation.

Innovative Technology

When it comes to technology, Vitality stands out as one of the most innovative insurance providers in the UK. Here are some of the ways it continues to innovate:

Virtual Care:

Members gain access to 24/7 virtual GP consultations. Vitality is also developing a Care Hub where members can book consultations and treatments, receive referrals, and see a GP via a mobile app.

Digital Healthcare:

Vitality's digital healthcare system enables caregivers to record a member's activities, health status, care needs, and much more.

Online Health Monitoring:

Vitality helps members identify potential health risks and gives guidance on prevention. This is done via online risk assessments and health questionnaires.

Awards And Recognitions

Vitality has received plenty of awards and recognition over the years, including:

Cover Excellence Awards (2021):

Oustanding Individual Health Insurance.

MoneyFacts Awards (2013-2021):

Best Private Medical Insurance Provider.

Health Insurance Awards (2020):

Best Individual Protection Provider; Best Marketing & Sales Support for Advisers.

UK Customer Experience Awards (2021):

Customer Experience Team of the Year.

Insurance Times Tech & Innovation Awards (2021):

Outstanding Collaboration for Menopause Support; Investor/Corporate Innovator of the Year.

Innovation In Healthcare

As mentioned, Vitality is renowned for its commitment to technological innovation within the healthcare industry.

One of its most acclaimed innovations is the Vitality Program which promotes wearable fitness devices and apps to its members. These devices are used to track the physical activity of members and Vitality then rewards them for their progress.

Amazingly, this has led to a 29% decrease in hospitalisations among engaged members and a 22% increase in physical activity.

Claim Payout Rates

In terms of claim payout rates, there is no information available for Vitality's 2023 rates. However, the data for its 2022 rates are very impressive.

In 2022, Vitality paid out on 92.5% of customers' serious illness claims. This equated to around £35.5 million in claims payouts.

Its payout rates for life and terminal illness claims were even higher in 2022, at 99.7%.

Customer Reviews

On Trustpilot, Vitality has a 4.2 out of 5-star rating. 68% of the customer reviews on the site give Vitality a 5-star rating. However, 15% of the customer reviews give Vitality a 1-star rating, which is quite a lot of negative reviews.

Many of the negative reviews mention the fact that Vitality's website and app are difficult to use, and some others say that Vitality isn't transparent with its pricing.

The majority of the positive reviews focus on Vitality's brilliant customer service.