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Private Health Insurance Coverage

What Does Private Health Insurance Cover?

Private medical insurance unlocks a world of additional benefits, empowering you to take control of your health journey. From swift access to private hospitals and specialists to a vast array of innovative treatments and therapies, PMI has you covered. Don't just take our word for it - see for yourself with a free, no-obligation quote tailored to your unique needs.

With private medical insurance, you'll enjoy:

Prompt access to private hospital treatments and consultations with leading experts - no more endless waiting.

Coverage for advanced diagnostics, medical treatments and innovative therapies often not available on the NHS.

Mental health support, including counselling, psychotherapy and psychiatric care.

Complementary therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic care and homoeopathy (if you choose this add-on)

Truly personalised care.

Private en-suite rooms and premium amenities for inpatient stays.

Why wait another day to experience the elevated healthcare you deserve? Get started with a free, personalised PMI quote right now. Simply provide a few basic details, and our friendly experts will guide you through your customised coverage and cost options. No pressure, no commitment - just the facts you need to make an empowered decision for your health.

Don't resign yourself to subpar medical care or unnecessary delays. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to explore the possibilities of private medical insurance. The first step is easy - get your free, no-obligation quote today and unlock a new level of healthcare excellence tailored just for you.

Private Health Insurance vs NHS: Comparing the Cover

The NHS provides exceptional care, but even world-class public healthcare has its limits. What if you could elevate your healthcare experience with the tailored benefits of private medical insurance? From bypassing waiting lists to choosing elite specialists and facilities, PMI coverage complements your existing NHS services.

Don't settle for long delays - PMI gets you treated faster

Shorter wait times for consultations, diagnostics, private treatments and surgery.

Skip the queues with quicker access to leading private hospitals.

Comprehensive cancer cover often allows quicker treatment.

Tailored care from specialists you select

Choose from a nationwide network of elite consultants and private facilities.

The freedom to get a second opinion or select a preferred expert.

Consistent care from your own dedicated medical team.

An oasis of comfort during your recovery

Private en-suite rooms with premium amenities and unlimited visiting hours.

Indulge in gourmet meals and 5-star hospitality.

A relaxing environment proven to promote better healing.

Access to innovative and complementary therapies

Coverage for modern cutting-edge treatments often not available on the NHS.

Mental health cover, complementary medicines and more.

A holistic approach focused on your complete wellbeing.

How to Choose the Right Private Health Insurance Plan

Choosing the right private medical insurance doesn't have to be overwhelming. Our straightforward 3-step process takes the guesswork out of finding the ideal coverage to complement your healthcare needs and budget:


Share Your Needs, We'll Do the Homework

Simply tell us a bit about your healthcare priorities, any specific requirements, and your ballpark budget range. That's it! We'll handle the rest, carefully hand-picking policy options from top insurers tailored just for you.


Compare Top Plans Side-by-Side

We will review the market and outline what's covered in each plan - from inpatient care and diagnostic tests to therapies and specialists. We will also discuss premiums, excess fees, and estimated treatment costs. No jargon, just clear facts.


Get Unbiased Advice from Our Experts

Our advisors live for this stuff. They'll walk you through every detail, explaining policies in plain English and providing unbiased recommendations based solely on your needs. Absolutely no commission-driven agendas here - just honest guidance.

That's it! In just 3 easy steps tailored specifically for you, finding the perfect private medical insurance coverage becomes simple, transparent, and stress-free. No more sorting through endless policies or uncertain decisions.

Secure Your Health with Private Health Insurance

Take control of your well-being with our private health insurance plans. Experience peace of mind knowing you'll receive swift treatment and personalized care. Get started today to safeguard your health and protect your future.

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Financial Aspects of Private Health Insurance

The thought of paying for private health coverage on top of NHS services can seem daunting. But what if we told you that elevating your healthcare is likely more financially feasible than you think?

Here's the reality when it comes to affording private medical insurance:


Personalised Rates That Fit Your Unique Situation

Income? Age? Medical history? We'll provide you with accurate policy options and pricing tailored specifically to your circumstances - not generalised estimates. This ensures you understand the precise costs and comprehensive benefits for your unique needs.


Flexible Payment Plans for Any Budget

Quarterly payments, annual bundles, direct salary deductions - there are numerous ways to make your coverage work with your cash flow. We'll outline every option to find a solution that aligns perfectly with your budget.


Insider Savings Only The Experts Know

From bundling incentives to tax-relief qualifications, there are little-known special offers and programs that can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. Our advisors utilise every available savings opportunity.


The Best Healthcare Investment You'll Ever Make

Yes, private coverage requires an added cost. But considering the financial devastation of letting a medical issue go unchecked, it's a worthwhile investment in your personal health, peace of mind, and long-term financial security.

Don't make assumptions about what you can afford. Many are pleasantly surprised at just how accessible and valuable private medical insurance can be once they understand the facts.

Additional Coverage Considerations

Standard private medical insurance provides exceptional coverage for many healthcare needs. But is your policy truly comprehensive? There are certain situations that require specialised protection to ensure you're fully prepared for any medical hurdle life throws your way.

Don't settle for an incomplete policy and cross your fingers you'll never need specialised care. Maximise your private health insurance today and embrace total peace of mind that every situation is accounted for.

Make the Most of Your Private Health Insurance

Having private medical insurance is smart. But simply paying your premiums isn't enough to unleash the full potential of this powerful resource. To truly maximise your coverage means:

Ensuring your policy stays ideally aligned with evolving health needs.

Capitalising on exclusive discounts for embracing healthy lifestyles.

Accessing the latest cutting-edge medical technologies and treatments.

Aggressively defending your rights if coverage issues or denials arise.

Don't leave substantial benefits and savings untapped.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers to Common Queries About Health Insurance Coverage

  • Are there any age limits for dependents on a family private health insurance plan?

    Some policies have age limits for dependents, typically until they are in their early 20s, but it varies by insurer.

  • Does private health insurance provide coverage for dental emergencies?

    Coverage for dental emergencies can be included in private health insurance, but it often requires an additional premium or specific dental plan.

  • Can I use my private health insurance for treatments and services outside the UK?

    Many policies offer international coverage as an optional extra, which can be used for treatments abroad, but check your policy for specifics.

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