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National Friendly

National Friendly was established in 1868 by Rev. Canon Portal in Albury Rectory. It started as a mutual society, which means it is owned by its members, not external shareholders. This structure helps ensure the company always acts with its members' best interests in mind.
Being a mutual society means that National Friendly is owned by the people it insures. This ensures all decisions are made for their benefit, not for profit.
Started with a goal to co-fund medical help through a deposit system.
Grew in popularity, expanding its member base significantly.
Adapted to major medical advancements post-World War 2, including the establishment of the NHS.
Moved headquarters to Bristol, where it remains today.
Maintained a strong connection with members throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring support was always available.
Launched innovative products including Accident Only Income Protection and expanded My PMI to four levels, with plans for more developments.
Based in the heart of Bristol, National Friendly serves a national membership across the UK.

Products and Services Offered by National Friendly

Health and Protection Products:

Private Medical Insurance:

This covers the costs of private healthcare for illnesses or injuries, ensuring faster access to treatment.

Income Protection:

Provides a regular income if you're unable to work due to illness or injury, helping you keep up with your financial commitments.

Care Plans:

These are designed to cover costs associated with long-term care needs, whether in a care facility or at home.

Over 50s Life Cover:

A simple insurance plan that pays out a lump sum when thepolicyholder passes away, helping cover funeral costs or leaving something behind for loved ones.

Accident Only Income Protection:

Specifically covers loss of income due to accidents, not illnesses, providing financial security in such events.

Tax Exempt Savings Plans:

A savings plan that also benefits from tax exemptions, helping you save more efficiently.

Added Benefits:

Friendly GP:
Many policies include access to a virtual GP service—Friendly GP. This service offers:

Video Consultations:

Speak to a doctor via video call from 8am to 10pm daily (except UK bank holidays).

Open Referrals:

If further treatment is necessary, the GP can provide a referral to access the required healthcare services.

Private Prescriptions:

If needed, medication can be delivered directly to your UK address or to a chosen pharmacy.

24/7 GP Telephone Consultations:

Unlimited advice, diagnosis, or medication guidance anytime.
Insurance Network: National Friendly's services are available through a network of prestigious hospitals and clinics across the UK, including all HCA hospitals in London and Manchester, as well as other well-known locations like The Cleveland Clinic, Cromwell Hospital, and The London Clinic.

Achievements and Industry Recognition

Awards and Nominations:
Cover Excellence Awards:
Lucia Jarvis was a finalist for the Rising Star category, highlighting emerging talent within National Friendly.
Health and Protection Awards:
Shortlisted for Best Customer Service Delivery, demonstrating their commitment to excellence in member support.
Protection Review Awards:
Shortlisted for the Innovation Award, acknowledging National Friendly's creative approach to insurance products and services.
Shortlisted for the Underwriting and Claims Award, recognising their efficient and equitable claims handling.
Cory Alder was nominated for the Young Achiever Award, underlining the company's role in fostering new industry talent.
Moneyfacts Awards:
Nominated as Health Insurance Provider of the Year, showcasing their reliability and excellence in health insurance provision.
Recognition Highlights:
Being shortlisted for these prestigious awards indicates National Friendly's strong industry presence and dedication to quality. It underscores their commitment to innovation, customer service, and the professional growth of their team.