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April International Review

APRIL Group is one of the medical insurance sector's leading providers. As a branch of this company, APRIL International has made a name for itself among travellers and individuals who work and live abroad. This is mainly thanks to its International Health Care policies.

In this review, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about APRIL International and what it offers.

Background and History

Established in 1998:

APRIL International was founded by Bruno Rousset and Xavier Coquard in 1988 as part of the APRIL Group, a French insurance company with headquarters in Lyon. They had 15 employees at the time.



APRIL Insurance Group started offering third-party administration services and acquired CPA Vie and Cetim.


APRIL Group went public on the Paris Stock Exchange on October 23rd.


The company expanded into Europe and established its first Italian subsidiary in Milan (APRIL Spa).


APRIL Group grew to over 3,500 employees across 70 companies in 25 countries.


The company launched the first direct distribution website for policyholders.


APRIL Group acquired a UK broker that specialised in expatriate health insurance and made the first acquisition in Asia.



APRIL Group expanded into North America by acquiring two wholesale brokers in Canada and opened the new headquarters in Lyon.


There was a major stake transfer to Andromeda Investissements, which is controlled by CVC Capital Partners. A new executive committee was formed and headed by Eric Maumy.


APRIL Group formed a strategic partnership with KKR and opened new offices in Germany and Dubai.

APRIL International Reviews

APRIL International has an impressive 4.3-star rating on Trustpilot, with most customers rating their service as 'excellent'.

Check out some of the reviews from verified customers below:

"Very timely and professional response to questions and communications with health care providers. Seamless claims when follow the process. Overall a strong customer experience with a caring touch included." - Allan Timin.
"We've been with April for nearly 4 years now (living in Indonesia) & have had nothing but excellent service. A broken wrist which involved surgery, approved easily & quickly, medical tests & prescriptions issued in Bangkok, wide coverage (including hiking in Nepal), a million emails back & forth over the years with a very patient Thomas! Would 100% recommend for those living overseas." - Melissa McCabe.

Health Insurance Plans

Short-Term International Health Insurance

APRIL International offers a Short-term International Health Insurance Plan for anyone who is living, travelling, or working abroad on a short-term basis. Some of the core benefits include:

Coverage for medical expenses:

APRIL International offers cover for all of the necessary standard medical expenses such as hospital services, psychiatric treatment, and outpatient services.

Evacuation and repatriation:

With APRIL International cover, you'll have access to emergency medical evacuation, compassionate home travel, and repatriation or local burial services.

Pre-existing condition cover:

If your plan exceeds three months in duration, you'll be eligible for emergency treatment for existing conditions.

Aggregate limit:

Each certificate period offers an aggregate limit of £250,000.

Long-Term International Health Insurance

For more comprehensive coverage for people living and working abroad on a long-term basis, APRIL International offers a Long-term International Health Plan. The benefits of this plan include:

Global coverage:

You can opt for worldwide cover or cover that excludes the USA and the Caribbean.

Aggregate limit:

Your certificate period will have an aggregate limit of £1,000,000.

Inpatient treatment:

Inpatient benefits include those for hospital services, psychiatric treatment, organ transplants, reconstructive surgery, and more.

Post-hospital treatment:

You'll have access to consultations and treatments from medical providers for up to 90 days after your in-hospital treatment. There is also coverage for prosthetics and other medical assistance aids.

Emergency medical evacuation:

In the case of medical emergencies, you'll have access to medical evacuation to ensure you get the necessary treatment and care.

April International Insurance Claims

Claiming back for reimbursement with APRIL International is incredibly easy and can be done through their Easy Claim app. And, according to their website, there have been €250 million in premiums that have already been collected.

It's important to note that while there is no upper limit for general policyholders, there is a limit for APRIL ASIA members, which includes:

$400 in the Philippines.

THB10,000 in Thailand.

$1,200 in Vietnam.

$2,000 for members under EasyCare, Southeast Asia or Worldwide.

Additional Health Benefits

Second Medical Opinion:

You can receive an unbiased secondary medical opinion from specialised doctors through Teladoc Health's network of over 50,000 medical professionals.

24/7 medical assistance:

CEGA offers round-the-clock medical assistance for emergencies.


You'll have access to crisis management support through Crisis24, including access to country-specific risk information, coordination in the case of non-medical evacuation, and travel safety risks.

Telehealth services:

APRIL International's telehealth service allows you to speak remotely to a medical professional in a live consultation, wherever you are in the world.

Prescription And Hospital Stay Benefits


With April International Care medical insurance, your prescriptions are emailed directly to you. This means you have quick and easy access to your prescriptions to get any medications you may need.

Outpatient options

April International's outpatient services include:

Coverage for consultations with GPs and specialists.

Coverage for expenses related to prescription medications.

Coverage for diagnostic tests such as X-rays, MRIs, PET, and CT scans.

Support For Sustainability And Community

Environmental Initiatives:

APRIL International and the APRIL Group are actively involved in several environmental initiatives to promote sustainability. These include forestry management and conservation, water and energy efficiency management, peatland, and fire management initiatives.

Community Support:

APRIL International is committed to supporting vulnerable groups and participates in several local and international Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Innovative Technology

Health monitoring devices:

APRIL International uses health monitoring devices like home diagnostic kits, fitness trackers, and remote monitoring sensors. This allows for early detection of illnesses and timely intervention.

AI in healthcare:

APRIL Group uses AI to analyse healthcare data, identify patterns, and make clinical predictions for more personalised healthcare.

Health information exchange networks:

APRIL International has a network whereby they can exchange patient data securely and seamlessly between healthcare providers around the world.

Awards And Recognitions

Service Provider at the Insurance CX Awards:

Recognised for outstanding customer service.

3 Cas d'Or Banque Assurance Awards:

These were received for their Easy Pay Card, and included the Innovation Award, Gold Mobile Offers Award, and Silver Award for Innovative New Services.

2 HR Vendors of the Year Awards:

Awarded for corporate healthcare excellence.

IAG Quality Award:

In recognition of their world-class medical assistance services.

Best International Individual Health Insurance Provider at the Health & Protection Awards:

Recognised for their excellence in professional standards and innovation.

Two consecutive 5-star service ratings from the Health & Protection’s IPMI Report:

APRIL Group was acknowledged as being the top-rated across all categories.

Trophées de l’Assurance 2023 - Bronze:
Awarded to APRIL Group for their digital underwriting and medical e-election process.
Global Business Review Magazine Award and Global Banking & Finance Review Award:

Recognised for their innovation and digital transformation.

International Business Magazine Award:

APRIL Group was identified as a trusted healthcare service provider.

Global Banking & Finance Review Award:

Awarded for the best health insurance app, marketing, and service initiatives.

Trophées de l'Assurance “Service Innovation” Award:

Recognised for innovation in Carte wallet.

Environmental And Social Contributions

Forestry management:

APRIL Group's Sustainable Forestry Management Policy (SFMP) emphasises the conservation and restoration efforts to protect biodiversity and overall ecosystem health.

Peatland management:

Part of APRIL Group's peatland management involves preventing deforestation and minimising the environmental impact of its operations.

Fire management:

APRIL Group has strong fire management strategies to prevent and manage forest fires.

CSR initiatives:

April International implements several CSR initiatives to make a positive social impact, including the protection of vulnerable groups.

Innovation In Healthcare

Telemedicine platforms:

APRIL International gives its members access to remote healthcare. This means medical assistance is quick and easy to access in any situation.

Mobile health (mHealth):

APRIL Group uses several mobile apps that allow its members to track their health metrics, schedule appointments, and access educational resources.

Electronic Health Records:

The company uses electronic health records (EHR) to digitise patient information.

Remote patient monitoring:

APRIL Group's remote patient monitoring lets healthcare providers remotely track their patients' vital signs and health status in real time.

Community Support

Support for vulnerable groups:

APRIL International supports local and global initiatives to improve the well-being of vulnerable groups. This includes giving them access to healthcare, education, and economic opportunities.