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Background and Association

Owned by AXA Health:

Health-on-Line is a subsidiary of AXA Health, a well-known health insurance provider. This association ensures a robust backing and access to a wide network of healthcare services.

Personalised Service

Personal Account Manager

Each policyholder is assigned a Personal Account Manager, providing tailored service and support throughout the policy lifecycle.

24/7 Nurse Helpline

Policyholders have round-the-clock access to a medical helpline staffed by experienced nurses for immediate health inquiries.

Online Management and Accessibility

Customer Online Portal

A user-friendly online platform where policyholders can manage their insurance, access key documents, and handle claims easily from anywhere.

Hospital Network Search

The Health-on-Line website includes a feature to search for hospitals covered under your policy, ensuring transparency and convenience in choosing where to receive care.

Health and Fitness Benefits

Nuffield Health Partnerships

Policyholders receive discounted rates on health assessments with Nuffield Health, including tailored tests and consultations with doctors.

Flexible Fitness Offers

Through partnerships with entities like Hussle, policyholders enjoy flexible fitness options, allowing access to multiple gyms, spas, and swimming facilities under one membership.

Health-on-Line: Health Insurance Claims Process

Step 1: Visit Your General Practitioner (GP)

Initial Consultation:

Your first step is to see your GP if you feel unwell. The GP can assess your situation and decide if you need to see a specialist.


Open Referral: If your GP gives you an open referral (they don't name a specific specialist), Health-on-Line can help you find a suitable specialist covered under your policy.

Named Referral: If you have a named referral, inform Health-on-Line, and they will confirm if the specialist is fully covered.

Step 2: Contact the Claims Team

Discuss Your Medical Condition:

Once you have a referral, call the claims team. They will discuss your medical condition and determine if they can approve your treatment immediately or if they need more medical information from your GP.

Step 3: Medical History and Documentation

Send Medical History:

If further details are needed, you may need to send a medical information form completed by your GP to Health-on-Line.


The insurer will review your medical history related to the condition you're claiming for.

Step 4: Commence Treatment

Treatment Approval:

Once your claim is approved, you can start your treatment. Health-on-Line asks that you keep them updated about the progress of your care.

Payment Details:

If you receive treatment at a hospital or day-patient unit not listed on your policy, Health-on-Line will cover 60% of the standard charges. You will be responsible for the remaining costs.

This process is designed to be straightforward, ensuring that policyholders can access necessary medical care with minimal hassle and clear guidance at each step.

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