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Freedom Healthcare Review

Freedom Health Insurance, trading under the Freedom Healthnet Ltd. name, is an award-winning private medical insurance (PMI) provider. It offers exceptional customer service at competitive prices for those living in the United Kingdom and overseas.

We'll uncover everything there is to know about this private healthcare provider in MyHealthPal's latest Freedom Health Insurance review.

Background and History

Established in 2003:

Freedom Health Insurance began in 2003 as a family-run business in Poole, UK, offering private medical insurance plans. It's one of the leading UK health insurance providers, with a variety of personal health insurance plans.



Freedom Health Insurance was founded, trading under the Freedom Healthnet Ltd name.


The company introduced the Freedom Elite plan, providing extensive benefits such as full coverage for eligible medical treatments, inpatient and outpatient care, and cancer treatment.


Freedom Health Insurance launched the Freedom Essentials plan as a cost-conscious health insurance alternative. This plan provides a fixed cash benefit for medical treatments, which can be used for private care in the UK or abroad, and includes a 50% benefit for NHS treatments.


The Freedom Worldwide PMI policy was launched, expanding offerings to include international health insurance, with a focus on expats and frequent travellers.


This year marked the introduction of Freedom Health's Virtual GP. This offering provides customers with around-the-clock access to medical professionals to address common ailments, illnesses, and conditions.


Freedom Health Insurance celebrated 20 years in business, with an estimated 33 million customers across 16 countries.


The user-friendly online reimbursement claim tool launched, simplifying the claims process for Freedom Elite and Freedom Essentials plans.



Freedom Health Insurance marked its 20th anniversary and was recognised for outstanding customer service, winning the Customer Service Above & Beyond award at the Customer Care Awards 2023.

Freedom Healthcare Reviews

Freedom Health has an average 3.7/5 star Trustpilot rating based on 40+ reviews.

"It's interesting reading some of the low-rated reviews, the ones I read seem to all be from clients who had claims refused (for legitimate reasons from what I can work out). All I would say is having had cover from them for around 2 years I would highly rate them based on their customer service. Prompt answers when calling with really nice polite staff and have never had a claim refused." - Mark, February 2024.
"I was recently diagnosed with cancer and I spoke to [Freedom's] cancer team. In this difficult time, the claims teams made it an easy process. Javed was very helpful explaining my options. I have always had fantastic interaction with everyone at Freedom." - RD, January 2024.

Private Medical Insurance Plans

Freedom Health Insurance offers three main private healthcare insurance policies:

1. Freedom Elite

This is Freedom Health's main private healthcare plan.

Core Cover

Specialist Consultants:

Enjoy quick access to private doctors, specialists and therapists.

Diagnostic Tests:

Full coverage for MRI, CT and PET scans when using a private hospital within Freedom's network. Does not cover scans requested by a GP.

Hospital Charges:

Access to the Elite Hospital List in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland as well as any NHS hospital that has been agreed upon in advance, including psychiatric hospitals. Access London private hospitals by purchasing the London Plus add-on.

Full Cancer Treatment:

Freedom offers full coverage for cancer diagnoses, treatments, chemotherapy, palliative care, and reconstructive surgery as part of their Cancer Promise.

Mental Health Cover:

Provides cover for acute mental or psychiatric illnesses. Access a maximum of £2,000 for outpatient treatment and/or 45 days for inpatient/day-patient treatment.

Digital GP:

Unlimited 24/7 access to medical professionals via virtual appointments.

Other features include:

Dental surgery.

13 weeks of home nursing services.

Private road ambulance.

Pregnancy complications.

Maternity cash benefit (up to £150 per child).

NHS cash benefit (fixed cash benefit of £200 per night for elective inpatient treatment).

Children can be added to policies.


Accident or emergency treatment.

Pre-existing conditions.

Chronic conditions (e.g. asthma, diabetes).

Cosmetic treatment.

Pregnancy and childbirth – except for pregnancy complications.

2. Freedom Essentials

Freedom Essentials offers an affordable level of coverage for permanent UK (or Channel Island) residents aged between 18 and 70 (at policy inception).

It includes:

Core Cover

Inpatient and day patient treatment:

Receive a £200 cash benefit per day/night spent in a hospital when undergoing a medical procedure and/or 50% of a fixed cash benefit when opting for NHS medical facilities.

Cancer cash benefit:

Offers a fixed cash benefit of £150 per hospital visit to receive chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Receive a 50% fixed cash benefit for inpatient and day patient visits during active cancer treatment. Individuals requiring cancer treatment are expected to use the NHS.

Diagnostic tests:

Full coverage for MRI, CT and PET scans.

Additional benefits:

Fixed cash benefit towards pregnancy complications and dental surgery procedures. Up to £150 towards routine dental services as well as £150 to cover the costs of eye tests, prescription glasses, and contact lenses.

Optional outpatient cover:

Full cover for GP-required diagnostic testings, specialist fees, minor outpatient treatments, routine optical and dental costs, and maternity cash benefits.


Complications following overseas treatment.

Accident and emergency (A&E) treatment.

Pre-existing conditions.

Chronic conditions.

Read more about Freedom Essentials on Freedom Health Insurance's website.

3. Freedom Worldwide

Freedom Worldwide provides private health insurance coverage for those living or travelling abroad. 

There are five levels of international cover:


The most basic level of medical cover that fully covers day-patient and inpatient treatment, as well as limited outpatient cover.


Includes outpatient treatment.


For added reassurance including dental treatment and maternity benefits.


Offers a wider range of benefits - the most popular type of international health insurance cover.


Comprehensive cover that includes unlimited outpatient treatment (however, limits apply for routine health checks and psychiatric treatment).


Pre-existing medical conditions.

Infertility treatment.

Treatment that has not been pre-authorised (except for outpatient or dental treatment).

Cosmetic surgery.

Professional sports injuries.

Private Medical Insurance Plans

Freedom Health Insurance offers a streamlined claims process, allowing you to submit claims electronically or through the Virtual GP app - for Freedom Elite and Freedom Essentials policies.

Freedom Health Insurance pays 50% fixed cash benefits, even when utilising NHS facilities (excluding central London hospitals).

Paying higher voluntary excess helps reduce your monthly premiums, for instance:

  • £100 excess = 10% discount
  • £250 excess = 15% discount
  • £500 excess = 22.5% discount
  • £1,000 excess =35% discount

Additional Health Benefits

These added benefits are available as policy extras with Freedom Elite health insurance policy plans:


Cancer treatment: Includes surgery for the removal of cancerous tumours, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.


Mental Health Care: Treatment of acute mental or psychiatric illness.


Alternative Therapies: Treatment carried out by a specialist such as an osteopath, chiropractor, acupuncturist, homoeopath, or podiatrist. Choose from a cover limit of £750 or £1,500.

Prescription And Hospital Stay Benefits


Prescriptions: Send repeat prescriptions directly to your local pharmacist using the digital Freedom Health Insurance's Virtual GP.


Hospital Stays: Full coverage for eligible hospital fees when admitted for inpatient or day-patient treatment (on Freedom Health's hospital list).

Support For Sustainability And Community

Community support: Freedom Health Insurance actively participates in community support and charitable activities (e.g. in partnership with UNICEF and the British Red Cross). They engage with local communities and non-profit organisations through sponsorships and partnerships. They also host charity fundraising events.

Innovative Technology

Virtual health services: Provides customers with quick and convenient access to family GPs, specialist consultants and prescription renewals through the Virtual GP app.

2023: The user-friendly online reimbursement claim tool launched, simplifying the claims process (for Freedom Elite and Freedom Essentials plans).

Awards And Recognitions


COVER Customer Care Awards:

Customer Service “Above & Beyond”

Intermediary Support Team

Customer Care Champion – Lynne Heath

Intermediary Support Champion – Rob Hird


COVER Customer Care Award

Best Customer Service Delivery

Best Individual Health Insurance Provider

Best Group Health Insurance Provider

Best International Individual Health Insurance Provider

Best Add-on or Support Service (Insurer)

Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award


COVER Outstanding Intermediary Support Team


UK Health & Protection Awards - Best Individual Healthcare Provider Award