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Health Insurance with Chronic Conditions

Can you get private medical insurance with chronic conditions? Yes, but it can be more complicated.

Don’t let diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, or any other ongoing illness stop you from getting quality private healthcare. We specialise in helping people with chronic conditions find affordable insurance plans that cover the treatment and care you need.

Getting insured is possible even with a pre-existing condition, but it may involve exclusions, or waiting periods. Just get in touch with our team, and we’ll show you personalised quotes from top UK insurers. Many insurers have plans that may be suitable for people living with pre existing conditions, although these plans often come with specific terms and conditions.

Can I Get Health Insurance With a Chronic Condition?

Yes, you can get private health insurance in the UK even if you have a pre existing condition like diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis. While some insurers may deny or limit coverage for your pre-existing illness, there are plans and underwriting options that may be more forgiving than others.

Many top UK health insurers offer plans that may be suitable for people with diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and other pre-existing medical issues, though these plans often have specific terms and conditions.

No matter your specific situation, we can help you find value plans with the right underwriting for your pre existing condition. Don’t settle for subpar coverage that leaves you paying out-of-pocket for your regular care.

Get a free, personalised quote today, and one of our specialists will guide you through understanding policy details, comparing cover levels, and choosing the right chronic illness protection.

What Are Considered Chronic Medical Conditions?

A chronic condition is any long-term illness requiring ongoing treatment and management, such as:


Heart disease



Crohn’s disease

Understanding the difference between chronic and acute conditions is key. Insurers may cover treatments for flare-ups or sudden symptoms of chronic illnesses, but they often exclude routine medications or therapies for managing incurable, long-term conditions.

We can help you find appropriate chronic illness coverage. Request a free quote, and we’ll guide you through what’s covered.

If your current plan falls short for your chronic condition, request a quote now. Compare tailored personal and family plans. Our experts help every step.

What Aspects of Chronic Conditions Are Covered?

Having a chronic illness like diabetes, arthritis, or heart disease doesn’t mean you’ll be denied all private health insurance coverage in the UK. Insurers could cover:

Treatment for sudden symptom flare-ups.

Procedures and surgeries related to your condition.

Diagnostic tests for assessing acute changes to your illness.

For example, a private health plan would likely pay for:

An emergency hospital stay for a severe asthma attack.

Joint surgery to repair arthritis damage.

However, most policies exclude coverage for regular, ongoing treatment and management of chronic conditions. This means you may have to pay out-of-pocket for things like:

Daily medications.

Routine injections or therapy.

Drugs for long-term maintenance.

Don’t worry, we specialise in finding private health insurance plans that maximise coverage for your specific chronic illness and its regular treatments.

Request your free, no-obligation quote now. Our experts will help you compare policies and get the most comprehensive coverage possible for your condition and budget.

What Types of Insurance Can People With Existing Medical Conditions Get?

Don’t settle for an overpriced, inadequate health insurance plan that leaves you paying out-of-pocket for your chronic condition. Some UK policies may be more suitable for people with pre-existing medical issues, but they often come with specific limitations.

Types of Chronic Illness-Friendly Plans:

Medical history disregarded Plans: Get the works with consultations, hospital stays, for all conditions, even pre existing.

Cash Plans: Receive a fixed cash payment for specific treatments or conditions, no matter the actual cost. Great for budgeting your predictable chronic care expenses.

We’ve helped countless people with diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and more get affordable chronic illness cover through top UK insurers. Each plan is different, so our experts can guide you to suitable underwriting options and benefits for your condition.

Request your free quote now to instantly compare personalised policy options and premiums from leading providers. Our specialists will help you understand your coverage so you can get the private treatment you need to manage your chronic condition.

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How to Switch Health Policy With a Chronic Condition

Stuck in an overpriced, inadequate health insurance plan that doesn’t properly cover your ongoing conditions? Don’t settle any longer! Switching to a new, more comprehensive private medical insurance policy is easier than you think.

Here are a few key things to look out for when switching with a pre-existing condition like diabetes, arthritis, or heart disease:

Understand if there will be any lapses in your coverage during the transition.

Check if your new policy covers ongoing treatment from your current doctors/specialists.

Review and compare additional benefits for things like diagnostics, hospital access, specialist fees.

Our experts have years of experience guiding people through switching to private health insurance while managing a chronic illness. We’ll ensure you don’t miss a beat in your care.

Don’t put your health on hold any longer. In just a few minutes, you can request free quotes from top UK insurers and instantly compare chronic illness coverage side-by-side.

Our specialists will review the policy details with you so you can upgrade to the right underwriting and benefits for your condition. Get the private, quality care you deserve!

Take the Next Step

Don’t let your current medical conditions hold you back from getting comprehensive private health insurance coverage. We’ll guide you to the right policy for managing your condition.

The first step is simple – request your free quote now. Just answer a few basic questions about your needs.

We’ll instantly show you personalised policy comparisons from top UK insurers tailored to your chronic illness like diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis. Our experts will review each option so you can select the best underwriting, benefits, and price.

Reduce the risk of denied claims and out-of-pocket costs by finding quality, affordable private care tailored to your needs.

Request personalised quotes to instantly compare plans tailored to your long-term condition. Our specialists will guide your coverage decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers to Common Queries About Health Insurance Coverage

  • Does Bupa cover pre existing conditions?

    Yes, Bupa offers private medical insurance plans that can cover treatment and care for many pre-existing medical conditions. However, the specific coverage details will depend on the plan you select and the underwriting approach used for your particular condition.

  • Does AXA cover pre-existing conditions?

    AXA has some health insurance policies that will provide coverage for eligible treatment related to pre-existing or chronic conditions after an initial period, often around 2 years. Other AXA plans use moratorium underwriting that may cover pre-existing conditions sooner if symptoms were absent for a set period beforehand.

  • Can I get private healthcare for an existing condition?

    Yes, it is possible to get private healthcare and medical insurance that covers certain pre-existing and conditions in the UK. Many top insurers offer plans for people with pre existing conditions, though the specific terms and coverage will depend on the underwriting approach.

  • How far back do pre-existing conditions go?

    For health insurance purposes, pre-existing conditions typically refer to any medical issues you had symptoms, treatment, or advice for in the 5 years prior to your policy start date. However, insurers also consider conditions that existed at or prior to birth as pre-existing.

  • Do any health insurers cover pre-existing conditions?

    While most standard UK health insurance plans exclude or limit coverage for pre-existing conditions initially, many insurers do offer specialised policies designed to cover chronic and pre-existing conditions after a set period or through different underwritings like moratorium or personal medical exclusions. Speak with one of our skilled advisors for clarity on what can be covered for you.

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