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Simply Health

Background and History

Established in 1872

Simplyhealth began as the Manchester & Salford Hospital Saturday Fund (MSHSF), offering workers a way to contribute part of their wages to cover medical costs when needed.


Being a mutual society means that National Friendly is owned by the people it insures. This ensures all decisions are made for their benefit, not for profit.



The Hospital Savings Association (HSA) was founded, expanding the scope of services.


The launch of the NHS marked a new era in healthcare, with Simplyhealth continuing to adapt and grow.


Introduction of Denplan, the first dental payment plan, showing innovation in dental care financing.


MSHSF merged with Healthcare Insurance Alliance to form HealthSure Group Ltd.


Leeds Hospital Fund (LHF) merged with HSA, beginning the creation of the Simplyhealth Group.


The full amalgamation under the Simplyhealth brand brought together HSA, LHF, and HealthSure.


Denplan became part of Simplyhealth, further expanding their dental care options.


2019-2022: Notable achievements included becoming the trusted healthcare partner of England Rugby, launching digital healthcare apps like SimplyPlan, and advancing corporate social responsibility with initiatives like becoming carbon neutral and achieving B Corp certification.

Health Insurance Plans

1-2-3 Health Plan:

Offers a flexible health insurance package that can be tailored to individual or family needs. Core benefits include:

Unlimited Online GP Access: Speak to a doctor anytime via the SimplyPlan app, which provides diagnoses, prescriptions, or specialist referrals.

24/7 Mental Health Support: Immediate access to counsellors and psychologists for emotional and psychological support.

Digital Physiotherapy: Quick online assessments for musculoskeletal issues without needing a GP referral.

Fast Online Claims: Submit claims easily through an app or online for quick reimbursement on medical expenses like prescriptions and treatments.

Additional Health Benefits

Dental Coverage

Includes check-ups, treatments like fillings and crowns, and orthodontic appliances like braces and gum shields.


Supports costs for physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic treatments, and acupuncture without needing a referral.

Optical Coverage:

Covers eye tests, prescription glasses, sunglasses, and contact lens expenses, including repairs.

Podiatry and Reflexology:

Coverage extends to podiatric treatments and reflexology sessions, focusing on foot health and overall well-being.

Prescription and Hospital Stay Benefits


Reimbursement for both NHS and private prescriptions issued by doctors or dentists.

Hospital Stays:

Offers a daily cash benefit for each day spent in the hospital, whether for overnight stays or day procedures, up to a set limit per year.

Support for Sustainability and Community

Environmental Initiatives:

Simplyhealth has invested in becoming a carbon-neutral company and is the UK's first B Corp certified health insurer, reflecting their commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Community Support:

Offers grants and support to local and national health-related charities and projects, enhancing their social impact.

Innovative Technology

SimplyConsult and SimplyPlan Apps:

These digital platforms make managing health benefits and consulting with healthcare professionals straightforward and accessible from anywhere.

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Awards And Recognitions

Health & Protection Awards:

Named Best Group Health Insurance Provider in 2023, showcasing their excellence in providing corporate health solutions.

Cover Customer Care Awards:

Won the award for Outstanding Use of Technology in 2023, reflecting their commitment to integrating technology in enhancing customer care.

Which? Recommended Provider:

Awarded the title of Recommended Provider of Private Medical Insurance in 2023, emphasising their high standards of customer satisfaction and trust.

Moneyfacts Consumer Award:

Honoured as Health Insurance Provider of the Year from 2020 to 2023, consistently recognized for their outstanding service and product offerings.

Cover Excellence Awards:

Received the Outstanding Cashplan award in 2021 and 2022.

Health Insurance & Protection Awards:

Acknowledged for Best Customer Service Delivery and Best Individual Healthcare Provider in recent years, further cementing their reputation in the sector.

Environmental and Social Contributions

B Corp Certification:

In 2022, Simplyhealth became the UK’s first B Corp Health Insurer, meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Charitable Partnerships and Support:

Engaged in numerous charitable initiatives, including partnerships with the Mental Health Foundation, the Lady Garden Foundation, and support for local community projects through substantial donations.

Innovation in Healthcare

Outstanding Wellbeing Innovation 2021:

Recognized for their suite of new products and services that significantly enhance wellbeing.

Health Insurance Innovation:

Winner of the Finder Awards 2021 for Health Insurance Innovation, highlighting their leadership in developing innovative health insurance solutions.

Community Support

Customer and Local Community Grants:

Annually allocates substantial funds to support customers and local communities in initiating and maintaining health-related projects, reflecting their commitment to making a positive impact.