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ALC International Review

From its humble beginnings as a UK-born company in 2001, ALC Health quickly made a name for itself among expatriates across the globe. Offering comprehensive coverage for individuals, families, and companies, this small health insurance company quickly became well-known for its outstanding service.

In this review, we'll take a look at the background of the company and explore its health insurance policies.

Background and History

Established in 2001:

A La Carte Health, or ALC Health, was established in the UK in 2001 with a focus on providing health insurance to expatriates (including companies, individuals, and families). In 2017, ALC was acquired by a leader in the medical health industry, the International Medical Group (IMG).



ALC Health launched the new 'Customer Online' service, which provided a 24/7 global claims management facility for its policyholders.


The company introduced two new international medical insurance products - Prima Concept and Prima Platinum.


The company launched a new global claims-handling service in partnership with Healix International.


The transition of IMG EU's business administration to IMG Europe AB helped ensure compliance and continuity post-Brexit.



ALC Health reported significant growth, with a 40% increase in individual and a 35% increase in group business for 2012.


ALC Health continued to grow, with a 38% increase in business.


ALC Health was acquired by International Medical Group (IMG).

ALC Health Reviews

ALC Health has received outstanding reviews from current policyholders on its website. You can read a couple of their reviews below:

"I was very nervous about changing from BUPA to ALC Health, but my experience has been excellent. The claims process is far simpler and faster and you and your team have provided an excellent and very personalized support" - Dan Michel.
"I would like to say a special thank you to you and the team in the UK for being ever so patient, helpful and extremely polite in dealing with all queries. You have indeed made being a customer with ALC Health a truly pleasant experience." - Randa Ahmad-Hassan.

Health Insurance Plans


The Bronze Health Insurance Plan is ALC's entry-level policy and is ideal for individuals who want a lower-level plan. The benefits of this plan include:

Outpatient cover:

This is limited to pre- and post-operative treatments to ensure you get essential care both before and after procedures.

Inpatient and day-patient:

Access to hospitalisation and standard day-care services where necessary. You will also be covered in the case of medical emergencies.

Oncology cover:

In the case of a cancer diagnosis, you'll have access to the necessary referred oncology care such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Diagnostic test cover:

Scans like MRIs, PET, and CT scans are all covered.

Acute cover for chronic conditions:

If you have an acute chronic condition, you'll have access to inpatient treatment.

Bronze Plus

The Bronze Plus Plan adds to the Bronze Plan by including coverage for essential costs associated with inpatient, day-patient, and outpatient treatments.


The Silver Plan offers more robust benefits than the Bronze Plus Plan and includes routine health checks. These checks allow medical professionals to pick up early warning signs of illnesses for early intervention.


The Gold Plan offers enhanced levels of coverage, including the overall outpatient limit. It also includes a comprehensive support program which offers additional assistance and extra resources in the case of medical emergencies.


ALC Health's top plan, the Platinum Plan, offers the highest level of coverage and ensures that you have access to the best health services around the globe. With an extensive range of medical treatments available, you have complete coverage for all of your preventative, essential, and emergency medical care.

ALC Health Insurance Claims

ALC Health offers policyholders a simple, streamlined process for submitting claims. All you need to do is log your claim via the MyALC platform. In some cases, you can submit real-time claims through ALC's Whatsapp line for routine health checks, vaccinations, and routine eye examinations (if your policy covers this).

Additional Health Benefits

Dental coverage:

If you have the Silver Plan or higher, you can include emergency dental coverage in your plan. This can include everything from routine checkups to orthodontic services.

Routine pregnancy coverage:

You'll have access to pre and post-natal checkups, coverage for pregnancy and childbirth costs, and delivery costs for routine delivery. This is available for all plan levels for an additional fee.

Prescription And Hospital Stay Benefits


As part of ALC Health's plans, you'll receive reimbursement for essential medications. For the Bronze plans, you may need to receive your prescriptions during inpatient or day-patient treatment rather than accessing them directly through a medical provider.

Hospital stays

No matter which ALC Health plan you're on, you'll have comprehensive coverage during your inpatient hospital stays. However, it's important to note that some of the entry-level plans don't have outpatient coverage (such as the Bronze Plan).

Innovation In Healthcare

Customer Online:

This service allows customers to manage their claims at any time. Policyholders can check their cover details, submit claims, and more.

ALC World:

ALC World is an online tool that provides policyholders with information on medical facilities and services across the globe, drug and medical phrase translations, city profiles, and security updates for different countries.

Online quotes:

ALC Health's online quote system is quick and efficient, which streamlines the sign-up process for potential policyholders.