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General & Medical

Background and History


General & Medical began operations in the 1980s, initially offering finance and general insurance solutions primarily to medical professionals in the UK.


Over the years, the company has grown to provide a broad range of private healthcare schemes. These services cater to businesses, families, individuals, professional and semi professional athletes and affinity groups both within the UK and internationally.

Growth and Independence


Despite its growth, General & Medical has maintained its independence, which allows it to focus on delivering personalised service. This approach ensures that clients receive attentive and dedicated service, which larger organisations may not provide.


The company has expanded its offerings over time to include both insured and non-insured healthcare schemes, adapting to the needs of its diverse clientele.

Products and Services of General & Medical

Private Health Insurance Options


Ideal for those who prefer NHS diagnosis but want private treatment quickly after diagnosis. Covers in-patient treatment, initial diagnostics, treatment for heart conditions, and access to physiotherapy and complementary medicine.


Provides extensive diagnostic and treatment options, emergency medical cover outside the UK, and additional cash benefits for accidents and illnesses.


Offers comprehensive health coverage at an affordable price. Includes extensive in-patient benefits, treatment for cardiovascular conditions, extended cancer treatment, and physiotherapy.


The most comprehensive cover, including all benefits of the Lifestyle range plus dental, optical, and prescription costs.

Corporate Health Insurance

Business Prime:

Covers in-patient treatment, cancer and cardiovascular treatments, and includes health and wellbeing services.

Module 1 and Module 2:

Offer escalating levels of care, with Module 1 focusing on comprehensive outpatient and enhanced cancer benefits, and Module 2 adding full outpatient cover, maternity benefits, and more.

Business Elite:

Tailored for senior staff, offering the highest level of outpatient care, private maternity benefits, and additional cover for dental and optical needs.

Sports Insurance with Sportinsurance4u

Sports Key:

Provides essential in-patient cover for sports-related injuries, post-admission consultations, and NHS hospital cash back.

Sports Plus:

Expands upon Sports Key by including emergency medical cover abroad, full cancer treatment, and cardiovascular condition cover.

Sports Elite:

Offers the highest level of sports-related insurance benefits, with an extensive limit on outpatient consultations and treatments.

Additional Benefits Across Plans

24 Hour GP Advice Line:

Available across many plans, offering round-the-clock access to medical advice.

Lifestyle Rewards:

Included in several insurance plans, providing benefits and rewards that support a healthy lifestyle.

Health and Wellbeing Services:

Available in corporate plans, offering support services like stress counselling and employee assistance programs.

Coverage and Accessibility

General & Medical's health insurance products are designed to provide peace of mind and financial protection against health-related expenses, with options suitable for individuals, families, and businesses. Their services ensure easy access to quality healthcare, helping maintain or improve health and wellbeing.

Achievements and Industry Affiliations of General & Medical

Industry Recognition

Affiliations with Lloyds of London:

General & Medical has strong ties with Lloyds of London, being a coverholder for certain syndicates. This association emphasises their reliability and adherence to high standards in insurance provision.


British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA):

Membership in BIBA signifies a commitment to maintaining industry standards and providing high-quality brokerage services.

Managing General Agents Association (MGAA):

This membership demonstrates General & Medical’s dedication to upholding the integrity and professionalism expected in managing general agents.

Subsidiaries and Trading Names

The company operates through various subsidiaries that enhance its service offerings:

General and Medical Finance Ltd:

Known for trading as General and Medical Healthcare, Sportsinsurance4u, and General and Medical International.

ProAmica Ltd and Revelation Healthcare Ltd:

These subsidiaries provide specialised services in non-insured healthcare scheme administration and trust establishment.

Innovative Services

General & Medical has consistently innovated in the healthcare insurance space, introducing comprehensive and flexible products that cater to evolving customer needs, such as the different ranges of private health insurance and sports injury insurance.

Customer-Centric Approach

Despite its growth, General & Medical remains committed to delivering a personal and friendly service. This customer-focused approach ensures that all clients, whether businesses or individuals, receive the attention and support they need.

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