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Explore Our Comprehensive Insurance Resources

Explore our meticulously curated resources hub designed to provide you with a wealth of invaluable information on insurance. Delve into a collection of brochures, application forms, and essential documents including Insurance Distribution Information Packs (IDIPs). Navigate effortlessly through our list of esteemed insurance providers, empowering yourself with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's health, life, auto, or business insurance, our resources hub serves as your authoritative source for all insurance-related matters.

Download Documents


1. ALC Brochure

April International


1. CPME Application Form

2. FMU Application Form

3. Moratorium Application Form

Brochures & Guides

1. Benefit Schedule

2. Brochure

3. Policy Guide




Applications Form

1. Solutions Application

Brochures, Guides & Sales Aids

1. Channel Islands Benefits

2. Chronic Conditions Explained

3. Dental & Optical Benefits

4. Mental Health Pathway

5. Solutions Brochure

6. Solutions Handbook

Hospital List

1. Expert Select Information

2. Hospital List

Individual Policies

1. Chronic Conditions Explained

2. E Solutions User Guide

3. Exces Fact Sheet Consumer

4. Expert Select Leaflet Consumers

5. Fact Sheet 6 Week Option

6. Fact Sheet Outpatient and Excess Consumer

7. Guide to Applying For Cover

8. Healthier Solutions at a Glance

9. Healthier Solutions Brochure

10. Healthier Solutions IPID

11. Hospital List

12. My Aviva Intermediary Sales Aid

13. My Health Counts - Sales Aid

14. No Claims Discount

15. Outpatient Fact Sheet


1. Solutions IPID

AXA Business

AXA Business

1. Business Health Intermediary Sales Brochure

2. Business Protect Handbook

3. Business Health Handbook

4. SME Business Protect Sales Brochure Intermediary

AXA Global

AXA Global - Applications

1. FMU Application Form

2. Group Leaver Application Form UK

3. Switch Application Form

4. Transfer Application Form UK

AXA Global - Brochures & Guides

1. GHP Individual Combined Summary of Benefits

AXA Global - IDIPs

1. Comprehensive IPID

2. Foundation IPID

3. Prestige IPID

4. Prestige Plus IPID

5. Standard IPID

AXA Individual
AXA Health - Health-For-You

Brochures, Guides and Sales Aids

1. Health For You Brochure

2. Health For You Handbook

Hospital List

1. Hospital List


1. Health For You IPID

Travel Cover

1. European and Worldwide Travel Cover Handbook - IPID

2. European and Worldwide Travel Cover Handbook

AXA Health - Inspire

Brochures, Guides and Sales Aids

1. Inspire Brochure

2. Inspire Membership Handbook

Hospital List

1. Hospital List


1. Inspire IPID

AXA Health - Personal Health

Applications and Forms

1. FMU & Mori Application

2. Hypertension Addendum Form

Brochures, Guides and Sales Aids

1. AXA Personal Health Brochure

2. AXA PPP Handbook

Direct Debit

1. AXA Personal Health Brochure

2. AXA PPP Handbook

Hospital List

1. Hospital List


1. Personal Health IPID

Travel Cover

1. European and Worldwide Travel Cover Handbook - IPID

2. European and Worldwide Travel Cover Handbook


AXA Business

1. Bupa Mental Health Compare

2. Bupa Select

Individual Policies - Bupa By You

Brochures and Guides

1. BBY Brochure

2. BBY Free Cover for Younger Children TandCs

3. BBY Guided Care Addendum

4. BBY Guided Care Brochure

4. BBY Policy Guide

Dentist and Doctor Discount

1. BBY Dentist Discount

1. BBY Doctors Discount

Face to Face GP

1. BBY Face to Face GP FAQs

2. BBY Face to Face GP Handout

3. BBY Face to Face GP TandCs

Hospital List

1. Bupa Hospital List



Freedom Healthcare
Brochures & Guides

Brochures & Guides

1. Brochure

2. Guide to Cover

3. Policy Summary

4. Summary of Benefits

Hospital List

Hospital List

1. Hospital List

Individual Policies - Elite

Brochures, Guides and Sales Aids

1. Cancer Cover Explained

2. Chronic Conditions Explained

3. Freedom Elite Brochure

4. Freedom Elite Disclosure Document

5. Freedom Elite Policy Summary

6. Policy Holders Guide to Cover

7. Summary of Benefits

Hospital List

1. Hospital List


1. Freedom Elite IPID




Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Terms & Conditions for Group Secretaries

Freedom Worldwide


1. FMU Application Form

2. Mori Application Form

3. Switch Application


1. Worldwide Brochure

Claims Form

1. Medical Claim Form

2. Worldwide Dental Claim Form


1. Bronze IPID

2. Gold, Platinum & Diamond IPID

3. Silver IPID

General & Medical
General & Medical Business


1. Business Healthcare benfits at a glance

2. Business Helthcare

3. Employee Benefits

General and Medical Individual

Brochures and Guides

1. Benefits at a glance - Individual

2. General and Medical Healthcare Overview

3. Healthcare Connect Brochure

3. Personal Healthcare Brochure

Child Only

1. Benefits at a Glance - Child Only

2. Child Only Healthcare Generation Application

Hospital Lists

1. Generation Hospital List - Children

2. Participating Hospital List


1. IDIP Business Elite

2. IDIP Business Prime

3. IPID Elite

4. IPID Essentials

5. IPID Everyday

6. IPID Generation - Child Only Healthcare

7. IPID Generation Plus - Child Only Healthcare

8. IPID Lifestyle

9. IPID Module 1

10. IPID Module 2

11. IPID Sports

12. IPID Sports Elite

13. IPID Sports Key

14. IPID Sports Plus

15. IPID Travel Insurance


1. Benefits at a glance - Sports Healthcare

2. Sports Health Insurance Application for Club Sports

3. Sports Health Insurance Application for Players

4. Sports Health Insurance Brochure

5. Sports Health Insurance Medical Declaration



1. Globalfusion 2020 Brochure

2. Globalfusion Application 2020

3. Globalfusion Bronze IPID

4. Globalfusion Gold Plus IPID

5. Globalfusion Silver IPID

Morgan Price
Evolution Health


1. Evolution Brochure

2. Evolutionhealth Table of Benefits

3. MP Application Form FMU

4. MP Application Form Moratorium 2019 EU

5. MP Insurance IPID Comprehensive

6. MP Insurance IPID Elite

7. MP Insurance IPID Premium

8. MP Insurance IPID Standard Plus

9. MP Insurance IPID Standard

10. MP Key Facts 2018 GDPR

11. MP Tob All 2019

12. MPIH Evolution Brochure



1. Gulfhealth Options Tob

National Friendly
Individual Policies > MY PMI

Brochures, Guides and Sales Aids

1. MY PMI Comparison Table

2. Policy Summary

Hospital List

1. Extended Hospital List





1. Guide to Business Healthcare

2. Vitality Business Healthcare

Individual > Personal Healthcare


1. Vitality Health - Asthma Addendum

2. Vitality Health - Hypertension Addendum

3. Vitality Health - Hyperthyroidism Addendum

4. Vitality Health - Raised Cholesterol Addendum

Guides and Brochures

Brochures, and Guides

1. Consultant Select Sales Aid

2. Mental Health Sales Aid

3. Optical, Dental and Audiological Cover

4. Priority Physio Sales Aid

5. Terms and Conditions May 2022

6. Vitality ABC Pricing

7. Vitality Full Cover Promise

8. Vitality Guide to Personal Healthcare

9. Vitality partners and rewards

10. Vitality Personal Healthcare Benefits at a Glance

11. Vitality Personal Healthcare Overview



1. Vitality Personal Healthcare IPID

2. Vitality Worldwide Travel IPID

Private GP


1. Face-To-Face GP locations

2. Vitality GP Sales Aid

Travel Cover


1. Personal Healthcare Worldwide Travel Cover Membership Guide

2. Travel Cover Sales Aid



1. Business Healthcare IPID

Personal Policies > Complete Health

Brochures, Guides and Sales Aids

1. Complete Health Benefit Schedule

2. Complete Health Brochure

3. Complete Health Guide

2. Structured Counselling FAQ


1. Complete Health IPID


1. BMA Guidance for Patients Wishing to buy Private Medical Insurance Sept-19

2. Mar24 RTT SPN Pre-Publication PDF K