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Cancer Cover in Health Insurance

What Is Cancer Cover in Health Insurance?

Cancer cover benefit within health insurance ensures you have access to potentially faster and more comprehensive cancer treatment than what's available through the NHS alone. It provides vital health insurance cover for the significant costs of private cancer care - from initial diagnosis of cancer and specialist consultations to surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other necessary treatments.

Rather than dealing with long waits and the constraints of public health systems, cancer cover allows you to quickly get the targeted private care you need. Many policies also offer additional benefits like coverage for nights in private hospitals, home nursing, and complementary therapies to support your overall well-being. Often Insurers can also provide you access to cancer drugs and treatments not available to the NHS (due to cost and access mostly).

The right cancer cover plan, tailored to your individual needs and concerns like family history of cancer, gives you peace of mind. You can feel confident knowing you're protected and able to access world-class cancer treatment without delay, should you ever need it. Instead of leaving such an important matter to chance, you've taken control of your health.

Explore our range of affordable cancer cover options today. A free, no-obligation quote comparison is just a click away. Our specialists will guide you to the perfect policy so you can check this critical cover off your list and have one less thing to worry about.

NHS Cancer Support vs Private Cancer Care

Facing a cancer diagnosis is one of life's most daunting challenges. From the first symptoms to treatment for cancer and recovery, you need every healthcare advantage available. That's where private medical insurance can be an absolute game-changer.

The Private Cancer Care Advantage:


Cut the Wait for Crucial Care

While NHS waiting times linger, you'll get rapid access to oncology specialists and treatment plans.


Explore Latest Treatment Options

From advanced therapies to new cancer drugs not available publicly, you'll have every option at your disposal.


Comfort and Continuity

Recover in private hospital suites and receive dedicated care from a consistent team throughout your journey.


Personalised Support Services

From counselling to at-home aid, you'll have comprehensive resources for body and mind.

When navigating cancer, having an entire suite of private medical services on your side can provide the hope and empowered care you need to achieve the best possible outcome.

Don't gamble with your health against this disease. Protect yourself and your loved ones today with comprehensive private cancer cover. Request a FREE, no-obligation quote to explore premium insurance options that could save your life.

The Cost of Cancer Cover in Private Health Insurance

When facing a cancer diagnosis, finances should be the last thing weighing on your mind. That's why we're committed to making comprehensive private medical insurance not just an option but an affordable necessity for families of any budget.

While premium costs can vary based on factors like your age, personal health history, and selected level of coverage, our advisors specialise in crafting cost-effective solutions that are personalised to your unique situation. From basic policies to elite cancer-only plans, you're in complete control of how much you invest.

Ways to Maximise Your Cancer Coverage Value:


Customise Your Excess & Co-Pays

By adjusting these levers, you can lower monthly premiums to fit your finances.


Explore Group/Employer Rates

Joining a group policy can provide significant cost savings.


Take Advantage of Discounts

We offer exclusive discounts for policyholders committed to healthy lifestyles.


Let Our Advisors Optimise Your Plan

Our experts will diligently search for ways to minimise your premium spend.

When it comes to your family's health, secure protection from the unpredictable costs of treatment. Don't let finances deter you from world-class private medical care.

Coverage and Benefits of Private Cancer Insurance

When navigating a cancer diagnosis, you need an entire arsenal of resources in your corner. That's why our private healthcare plans leave no stone unturned in terms of coverage and life-changing cover benefits.

Elite Cancer Coverage That Stretches Further:

Fast Access to NICE-Approved Treatments.

Latest Drugs & Innovative Therapies.

Cutting-Edge Immunotherapies & Targeted Medications.

Cancer Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation & Beyond.

Simply put, if it has the potential to save lives and combat your specific health condition more effectively, our policies will cover it. No jumping through hoops or fighting for approval. Just rapid access to every lifeline modern medicine can provide.

Support That Transcends Medical Treatments:

Diagnostic Testing & Specialist Consultations.

Travel & Accommodation for Out-of-Area Care.

Counselling & Mental Health Services.

Post-Treatment Monitoring & Follow-Ups.

We take a full-spectrum approach because your battle doesn't end when the initial treatment does. Our comprehensive policies ensure you have every possible resource for achieving maximum recovery.

When your life's on the line, you need to know that your healthcare plan has you covered from every possible angle.

Access to Cancer Treatment and Specialist Care

If you or a loved one receives a cancer diagnosis, the last thing you want is to spend precious time on an NHS waiting list, watching the calendar days tick by. This is a battle, and swift access to the nation's top oncologists, treatment facilities and innovative therapies could make all the difference.

That's where private medical insurance comes in. Our comprehensive cancer coverage is designed to get you prioritised, elite care without the agonising delays. From speciality drug access to travel coverage for out-of-area procedures, we leave no stone unturned.

The bottom line is that when your life's on the line, you need an elite force of healthcare resources, and you need them now. Not in 6 months. Not in 3 months. Immediately.

That's what you get when you add comprehensive cancer cover to your private health insurance policy. No jumping through hoops, no wasting critical time. Just an entire system primed to rush you toward your best chance at recovery.

Decisive cancer care is within reach when our team is in your corner. Don't wait - inquire about your custom private solution now.

Secure Your Health with Private Health Insurance

Take control of your well-being with our private health insurance plans. Experience peace of mind knowing you'll receive swift treatment and personalized care. Get started today to safeguard your health and protect your future.

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Advanced Therapies and Special Treatment Approvals

When it comes to beating cancer, you need everything that modern medicine can provide. And with private medical insurance, that's exactly what you'll get - full access to the world's latest technologies, therapies, and innovations to help you go through your private cancer treatment.

Don't settle for basic, outdated treatments on the NHS. Our comprehensive policies cover pioneering options often inaccessible elsewhere, including:

Precision, genomic-based therapies tailored to your biology.

Groundbreaking immunotherapies & personalised cancer vaccines.

Exclusive clinical trials for promising new miracle drugs.

Compassionate use of cutting-edge treatments still in development.

No treatment should be off-limits when it comes to your life.

Choosing the Right Cancer Cover Policy

When it comes to battling cancer, having a private medical insurance policy isn't just helpful - it could literally save your life. That's why we're uncompromising about connecting you with a plan that checks every single box.

As you begin exploring cancer coverage options, here are the critical benefits and features we insist any policy must provide:

Comprehensive Treatment Access

From surgery and chemotherapy to radiation, immunotherapies, clinical trials and everything in between.

The Latest Drugs & Cutting-Edge Therapies

You'll gain coveted access to newly approved medications and emerging treatments the moment they become available.

Access to specialist cancer Facilities

Why settle for subpar hospitals when you can receive treatment at renowned cancer institutes and from leading oncologists?

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers to Common Queries About Health Insurance Coverage

  • What additional costs, such as travel or accommodation, are covered if I need to receive treatment far from home?

    Many policies offer coverage for travel and accommodation when specialised treatment is only available at distant medical facilities.

  • How does private cancer cover ensure continuity of care with my NHS treatment plan?

    Private health cover often includes coordination with NHS services, allowing eligible treatments to be integrated seamlessly and ensuring continuity of care.

  • Are there any wellness programs or health screenings included in cancer cover policies?

    Some policies include additional benefits like wellness programs or health screenings, which can add significant value.

  • Can I update my cancer cover policy as medical technology advances and new treatments become available?

    Policies can often be updated to adapt to new therapies, but it’s important to check with your insurer about how this process works.

  • What is the process for obtaining a second opinion through my private cancer cover?

    Private cover typically allows you to seek second opinions, offering additional reassurance and confidence in your treatment plan. The process usually involves a referral from your primary specialist.

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