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Aviva Insurance is a leading British multinational insurance company with headquarters in London, England. It is one of the largest and most diverse insurance providers in the UK, offering car, home, and health insurance to nearly 18 million customers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada.

Background and History

Established in 2000:

Aviva PLC was formed in 2000 through the merger of Norwich Union (known as Norwegian Commercial Union PLC from 1990 to 1998) and Commercial Union and General Accident (CGU PLC from 1998 to 2000). Initially named CGNU PLC, the company adopted the name Aviva PLC in 2002.



Norwich Union and Commercial Union General Accident (CGU PLC) merge to form CGNU PLC.


CGNU PLC is rebranded as Aviva PLC.


Aviva acquires the US-based life insurance company AmerUs Group for $2.9 billion (±£2.3 billion).


Aviva sells RAC, the British automotive services company, for £1 billion.


Aviva announces the acquisition of Friends Life Group for £5.6 billion, consolidating its position in the UK life insurance market.


The acquisition of Friends Life is completed, creating the UK's leading insurance and asset management business.


Aviva Ventures is established with an initial investment of approximately £99 million to drive innovation.


The Aviva Foundation partners with the British Red Cross in 2016 to ensure vulnerable individuals receive the care and treatment they need.


Aviva sells its Spanish operations to Santalucía.


Aviva integrates its UK insurance businesses under a single UK Digital business to streamline operations and enhance customer service.


Aviva announces the divestment of its Hong Kong business to focus on markets with leading positions and strong growth prospects.


Aviva sells its Singapore business to Singapore Life Ltd.


Aviva and WWF announce a new three-year partnership focused on climate action.


In 2021, Aviva becomes the market leader in sustainability when it announces plans to be net zero by 2040.


Aviva celebrates 20 years under the Aviva name, having significantly streamlined its operations to focus on core markets in the UK, Ireland, and Canada.


Aviva invests £500 million in green assets in 2022 and pays out £23 billion in claims and benefits to their customers.



Aviva became the market leader in sustainability by announcing it would be net zero by 2040. This demonstrates their commitment to environmental responsibility, a significant achievement in today's world.


Aviva won "General Insurer of the Year" for the 10th year in a row, alongside several other awards recognising their excellence in various sectors. This achievement highlights their consistent exceptional performance in the insurance industry.

Aviva Reviews

Aviva Insurance has an average 4/5 star Trustpilot rating, from 35,000+ reviews.

"Absolutely no problem - the website worked exactly as it should and all queries and information needed were dealt with immediately. Very easy and quick to complete a transaction." - Roger, May 2024.
"Such a simple form to complete, efficient process, a good competitive quote, and can access everything through my existing Aviva Health account." - Adrian, May 2024.

Private Medical Insurance Plans

Core cover

Aviva's Core Cover is a standard private health insurance policy that includes:

Specialist Consultants: This ensures quick access to specialist doctors and therapists.
Diagnostic Tests: Offers full coverage for a range of tests to diagnose conditions and symptoms, such as biopsies, CT scans, colonoscopies, eye tests, hearing tests, etc. that form part of Aviva's network.
Hospital Charges: Whether you opt for Expert Select or a Hospital List policy, you'll be able to access 100+ private hospitals and facilities. This includes options like BMI, Nuffield, Spire, and NHS private units.
Full Cancer Treatment: Aviva offers full coverage for cancer treatments, and palliative and end-of-life care as part of their Cancer Pledge.
Outpatient and Mental Health Treatment: Access to full outpatient treatments (e.g. blood tests, X-rays, MRI scans, etc.) and mental health support.
Aviva Digital GP:
Unlimited access to Aviva medical professionals via video consultation/virtual appointments.

Other features include:

Home Nursing.

Private ambulance.

Parent accommodation.

Stress Counselling helpline.

Types of Core Cover health insurance cover:

Individual Cover

Joint Cover.

Family Cover.

Enhance Cover

Aviva's Enhance Cover is a "top up" feature to standard Core Cover plans and includes:

Dental and Optical Cover:

Full coverage for routine dental treatment (£250), accidental tooth damage (£600) and dental surgeries performed in hospital. Receive £150 towards glasses and contact lenses (with an excess of £50).

Mental Health Upgrade:

£2,000 of cover for GP-referred outpatient mental health treatment as standard. Inpatient and day patient accommodation and nursing services for up to 28 days.

Other therapies:

Cover the costs for physiotherapy, osteopath, acupuncture, and chiropractor services without needing a referral - to a maximum of 10 sessions.

Extended hospital stay:

Access a wider range of private hospitals, mostly in the Greater London area, with extended hospital stay cover.

No claim discount (NCD) protection:

A small sum to help keep insurance premiums down.

Reduce Cover

Aviva's "Reduced Cover" is an option to make your insurance premium more affordable. Opt for reduced hospital and outpatient coverage or add a six-week policy to your insurance plan.

Additional Health Benefits


An online health and wellbeing platform that indicates how healthy you are. Quickly access resources for healthier solutions to chronic conditions, minor ailments and recovery tips after surgical procedures.

Aviva Digital GP

Unlimited 24/7 access to Aviva medical professionals via the digital app.

Get Active

Stay fit and healthy with discounted gym memberships and lifestyle products from over 3,000 fitness clubs nationwide.

24-Hour Stress Counselling and Mental Health Support

Free year-round access to stress counselling services (for members 16+).

Access free resources for mental health conditions, such as videos, informational guides and articles.

Travel Cover

Aviva Travel Insurance covers:

Medical emergencies (up to £10 million).

Travel expenses.

Lost/stolen money (up to £400).

Lost passports.

There are two types of travel insurance to choose from:


Annual Multi-trip Insurance: Get up to 31 days of travel insurance if you're aged between 16 and 74.


Single-trip Insurance: Get up to 120 days of travel coverage if you're under 79.

Note: Standard health insurance does not cover you while abroad.

Prescription And Hospital Stay Benefits


Aviva covers the cost of both NHS and private medications prescribed by doctors or dentists. Send repeat prescriptions to your local pharmacist directly when using the Aviva Digital GP app.

Hospital Stays:

Offers a daily £50 cash benefit for every 24 hours spent in the hospital (to a maximum of £18,000) to help with financial shortfalls.

Aviva Claims

Over the last five years, Aviva Health Insurance has paid over £5.3 billion in individual protection claims.

In 2023, Aviva paid out a total of £1.18 billion on more than 50,600 individual protection claims with a 97.8% success rate.

Life insurance

(including terminal illness benefit)

£761 million paid out (around 40,000 claims)

99.3% of claims paid.

Critical illness

(including children's benefit and total permanent disability)

£362 million paid out (around 5,000 claims).

91.6% of claims paid.

Income protection

£53 million paid out (nearly 4,000 claims).

92.5% of claims paid.

Fracture cover

£2 million paid out (roughly 800 claims).

90.4% of claims paid.

Hospital/trauma/therapy/carer cover

£623,000 paid out (around 400 claims).

98.9% of claims paid.

Support For Sustainability And Community

Environmental Initiatives:

Aviva has ambitious goals, such as becoming a net zero company by 2040, and reducing carbon intensity of assets by 25% by 2025 and 60% by 2030.

Community Support

Aviva contributes to community investment programmes aimed at enhancing the well-being of people in the areas where it operates. In 2023, Aviva contributed £32.5 million to community projects and pledged £87 million to nature-based solutions projects aimed at capturing carbon, enhancing flood resilience, and restoring natural habitats.

Innovative Technology

Aviva Insurance has incorporated inventive technology across several aspects of its operations. These technologies include:

AI Technology

Aviva leverages AI technologies like Big Data, InsurTech, Regtech and Cyber Insurance to improve its digital capabilities. It's estimated that Aviva's Information and Communications Technology (ICT) spent around £400 million in 2023.

Virtual health services

Provides customers with quick and convenient access to family GPs, specialist consultants and state-of-the-art health monitoring and quality treatment through the Aviva Digital GP app.

Innovate Healthcare

Provides occupational health and wellbeing services, such as pre-employment screening, management referrals and counselling, through the Innovate Healthcare partnership to all Aviva members (extra fees apply).

Aviva Ventures

This corporate venture capital fund for Aviva PLC aims to support emerging technology trends and startups that can transform the insurance business model and accelerate strategic goals.

Awards And Recognitions


Insurance Times General Insurer of the Year Award
The Times Top 50 Employers for Women Awards
Excellence in Fraud Mitigation
- Gold
Excellence in Risk Management
- Gold
Excellence in Underwriting
- Gold
Challenger of the Year in partnership with DWF Law LLP
- Gold
Excellence in e-Trading
- Silver
Insurer Innovation of the Year
- Silver
Excellence in Professional Development
- Bronze
Sustainability Initiative of the Year
- Bronze


The Times Top 50 Employers for Women Awards

PWC’s Building Public Trust Awards

Global Good Awards Climate Action

- Silver

Third Sector Business Charity Awards

The FS Awards

- Sustainable Finance Award

Irish Pension Awards

- Innovation Awards

Business and Finance ESG Awards

- Net zero Awards


The Times Top 50 Employers for Women Awards

PWC’s Building Public Trust Awards

Global Good Awards

- Silver

Environmental And Social Contributions

Aviva makes a difference to the planet and their communities through various charitable organisations and initiatives:


In 2021, Aviva and WWF launched a new three-year partnership focused on taking climate action to build a better future.

Living Wage Foundation:

Aviva is an accredited Living Wage employer, certified by the Living Wage Foundation.

British Red Cross:

Since 2016, Aviva has been working in partnership with the British Red Cross to help build stronger, safer communities.

Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA):

Aviva supports SEA, a UK-based charity dedicated to raising awareness of economic abuse and improving responses to it.

Good Shopping Guide Ethical:

Aviva supports GSGE which helps people make informed decisions about brands that are best for the planet, animals and people.