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Private Medical Insurance

What Is Private Medical Insurance(PMI)?

Private Medical Insurance (PMI) is your key to unlocking elevated, hassle-free healthcare in the UK.

While the NHS provides comprehensive care, PMI offers a private alternative pathway to prompt medical attention and top-notch personal treatment.

With Private Medical Insurance, you gain:

Faster access to treatment by skipping NHS waiting lists

Choice of trusted private hospitals, specialists and a range of treatments.

Comfort and privacy of your own personal hospital room.

PMI is designed for those who value their time, health and peace of mind above all else. It’s healthcare on your terms - prompt, personalised, and aligned with your priorities.

Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to protecting your most valuable asset - your personal health and wellbeing. PMI ensures you have a robust healthcare safety net without compromises.

The Core Benefits of Private Medical Insurance:


Quick access to care, bypassing NHS waiting lists

PMI offers quicker access to healthcare services compared to NHS hospital wait times, allowing you to be seen and treated sooner.


Choice of hospitals, specialists and private treatments

With PMI, you have the flexibility to choose your own private hospitals, consultants and treatment options rather than being limited.


Privacy and comfort of private hospital rooms

PMI allows you to receive care in the privacy and comfort of individual private hospital rooms rather than shared wards.

Optional Extras and Add-Ons to Enhance Your Coverage

While core Private Medical Insurance plans provide comprehensive coverage for major medical needs, you may want to consider some of these additional options to fully customise your protection:

Mental Health Support

Many policies offer enhanced mental health benefits like counselling and therapy as an add-on.

Dental Care Coverage

Routine dental services and more advanced dental treatment can often be included by adding dental coverage to your plan.

Alternative Therapies

For a more holistic approach, you can opt to have alternative treatments like acupuncture and chiropractic care covered.

Global/Travel Coverage

If you frequently travel abroad, adding an international health insurance coverage component ensures you stay protected in case of medical emergencies outside the UK.

The right additional cover extras allow you to tailor your Private Health Insurance policy to your unique lifestyle needs and healthcare priorities. Our experts can guide you in selecting which add-ons make sense based on your personal circumstances and budget.

What’s Covered by Your Core
Private Medical Insurance Policy

While plan details can vary, most standard Private Medical Insurance policies will provide coverage for:

Inpatient Hospital Treatments and Overnight Stays.

Out-patient Treatments, Consultations, Procedures and Diagnostic Tests.

Access to Specialist Consultants.

Surgical Treatments.

Cancer Treatment and Care.

How Does Private Health Insurance Work?

Getting Started with Private Healthcare

Start by gathering quotes from various Private Health Insurance providers to understand.

You can opt to fully disclose pre-existing conditions (FMU underwriting) or opt for a moratorium which can be referred to as point of claim underwriting. In both instances your insurer has the right to ask for further medical background to ensure claims are valid.

After submitting your application, there is a brief period before coverage activates when the insurer may request additional information.

How to Make a Claim

When you need to utilise your PMI benefits, here are the typical steps in the claim process:


Gain a referral (or open referral) from your GP

The majority of claims will always start with a visit to your NHS GP.


Contact Insurer for Pre-Approval:

Many policies require getting pre-approval from your health insurer before seeking medical treatment.


Gather Required Documentation

Have all relevant medical reports, receipts and other documentation ready to submit with your claim.


Submit Claim Within Timeframe

Make sure to file your claim within the medical insurer’s specified timeframe after receiving treatment.


Keep Records

Maintain detailed records of all claim correspondence, submissions and approvals in case any issues arise.

How Much Does Private Health Insurance Cost?

When it comes to your personal health, there’s no price too high - but that doesn’t mean PMI has to break the bank. In fact, our experts specialise in helping you find the perfect coverage at the most affordable rates.

The cost of your PMI premiums depends on several key factors:

Your Age:

It’s just a fact of life - the older you are, the higher your PMI premiums tend to be as your risk of needing medical care increases.

Your Location:

Some insurers will post code rate your premium, this will usually affect you more if you live within London.

Your Coverage Needs:

From basic plans to comprehensive protection, we’ll make sure you don’t overpay for more coverage than you really need.

Your Lifestyle Choices:

Habits like smoking can increase premiums due to associated health risks. Let’s work together to get you the care you need.

How Can I Get a Cheaper Health Insurance Quote?

We put the power in your hands to keep the costs of health insurance down through smart strategies like:


Adjusting Your Excess/Co-pay Levels

A higher level can mean lower monthly premiums while still providing a top-notch healthcare safety net.


Ensuring you have the correct cover

Many clients are paying for enhanced cover or add ons they simply do not need, we will ensure that you are only paying for the necessities.


Opting for a Group/Employer Plan

Exploring options for discounted group rates could be a money-saving opportunity.


Taking Advantage of No-Claims Discounts

We’ll make sure you receive every possible price break based on your positive claims history.

Let our experts crunch the numbers based on your unique situation, budget and needs to craft a PMI solution optimised for maximum coverage at the most agreeable cost.

Secure Your Health with
Private Health Insurance

Take control of your well-being with our private health insurance plans. Experience peace of mind knowing you'll receive swift treatment and personalized care. Get started today to safeguard your health and protect your future.

Start A Quote

What You Need for Your Free PMI Quote?

Getting started is easy! We just need a few basic details:

Your Age
Who Needs Coverage
Any Current Medical Conditions

That’s it! Our experts will handle the rest, walking you through all the available PMI cover options and customising a Private Health Insurance plan tailored to your specific needs and budget.

No obligations, no pressure. Just the first step towards comprehensive, affordable coverage and ultimate peace of mind.

PMI vs NHS - Why Go Private?

The NHS provides a vital public healthcare safety net, but it’s no secret that waiting lists and resource constraints can negatively impact your care experience.

That’s where Private Medical Insurance rises above, complementing the NHS with distinct advantages:

Bypass Waiting Lists

With PMI, no more anxiously waiting weeks or months for specialist consultations, procedures or treatments. Your health comes first.

Choose Your Desired Healthcare Provider

Don’t settle for whoever is available. PMI lets you hand-pick trusted medical experts and cutting-edge facilities aligned with your preferences.

Better healthcare

Benefit from surgeries, treatments and life saving drugs not available on the NHS.

Comfort and Privacy

Trade shared wards for your own private room. Recover in peace and comfort with discreet world-class hospital amenities.

While the NHS will always have its place, Private Medical Insurance is an invaluable complement for those who expect more from their personal healthcare experience. Don’t compromise when it comes to your health and wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers to Common Queries About Health Insurance Coverage

  • Can I include my partner or children on my PMI policy?

    Yes, most PMI providers offer the option to add family members to your policy, often at an additional cost.

  • Will my PMI premiums increase every year?

    Premiums often increase due to age and medical inflation, but specific increases depend on your provider and any claims made.

  • Can I get PMI if I have a disability?

    Yes, you can apply for PMI with a disability, but coverage for related pre-existing conditions may be limited or excluded.

  • Is there a cooling-off period after purchasing PMI?

    Yes, there’s typically a 14-day cooling-off period during which you can cancel your policy without penalty.

  • Can I use PMI for treatment abroad?

    Some PMI policies offer international coverage as an add-on, but it’s not standard and may incur higher premiums.

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